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One of the most important things I’ve realized about doing an eco friendly or zero waste journey, is that it’s a freaking JOURNEY you guys.

Making adjustments to your life will be a slow process. We’ve been trained to use single use plastics and convenient products our whole life. In fact, most of society is setup for exactly that.

When I started paying more attention and being more meaningful about my choices and purchases, it was actually kind of overwhelming.

For every one thing I did right, I was doing about 100 wrong.

So in honor of NOT getting overwhelmed or sucked down by the negativity, I’ve decided to celebrate the small wins.

Each month I’m going to give you a recap of my eco friendly wins. They may be tiny, they may be big. It’s going to be a total surprise each month!

I’m hoping that this will not only show you how real life progress actually works, but inspire you to replicate some of these small wins in your life too!

Eco Friendly Wins from January 2020

  • Thrifted a composting container to use paired with the Food Cycler
  • Started reducing food waste going in the garbage by using the FoodCycler to turn extra food into soil amendment
  • Found several items I regularly use in bulk bins at a local store
  • Thrifted a small dish to hold my new Meliora zero waste dish soap bar and scrubber
  • Thrifted my very first shirt!
  • Started freezing banana halves, extra spinach, and even a half jar of pesto instead of throwing it away when it went bad
  • Went to my first local environmental committee meeting
  • Bought used shoes for my daughter last minute before a vacation
  • Used reusable water bottles for myself, and for the girls, on our trip to Orlando 
  • Used reusable silicone Stasher bags instead of plastic baggies on our trip to Orlando
  • Thrifted a cocktail dress for a fundraiser I’m attending next month
  • Used Stasher bags on our trip instead of plastic baggies
  • Used a period cup for the first time, and loved it (no more tampons for me!)
  • Lent some of my toxin free, zero waste products to a friend who was interested in trying the before purchasing

As you can see, some of these are small little changes, and some of them are hopefully new habits that will last a lifetime!

I’m especially excited about:

  1. Getting comfortable thrifting (I always felt a little out of place before)
  2. Using the Food Cycler to reduce food waste (I recently learned food waste is one of the worst things you can add to a landfill)
  3. That fact that I loved the period cup (SUCH a win to never have to buy tampons again you guys!)

And to keep it real, I could give you a WAY longer list of my eco friendly losses for the month. But that’s not what this is about. This is about staying positive and continuing to make small changes that will lead to a bigger impact.

We don’t need 100% of people living a 100% zero waste life to save the world, we just need everyone to try a little bit.

If you liked this new series, drop me a comment and let me know! And of course, stay tuned for next month’s Eco Friendly Wins recap.