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I’ve been writing a lot of eco friendly gift guides to help you guys choose better gifts this year. But a lot of you have asked, what am I asking for this year?

Well to start with, I don’t really NEED anything. The holidays have me feeling a little over consumptuous (yes, I’m making that a phrase now) so it really seems silly to ask for anything.

That being said, there are certain family members that INSIST on ideas anyways. So here we go. I’m letting you in on exactly what’s on my eco conscious Christmas Wish List this year, and why. Because the why is important too.

Al’s Eco Wish List 2019

There are a lot of around the house items that I wish I had more of. I tend to be a more practical person. So when someone asks me for a gift idea, I tend to try and kill 2 birds with one stone.

I actually keep a running mental list of things that I really need so when birthdays and holidays pop up, I’m prepped and ready to go.

True story, when I gave my mom a few Christmas gift ideas this year she asked why they were all for my “home” and couldn’t I add something on there just for me. Oops!

So here are a few of the eco conscious Christmas wish list items that are specifically for the home.

Reusable Shopping Bag Set

eco friendly gift ideas for anyone reusable shopping bags

I want this Simple Ecology organic 6 piece reusable bag set to keep in my car so I’m prepped and ready to go for any planned or unplanned shopping trips in my future. Even I, who tries SO hard to always have the right bag with me, has been caught off guard. My plan is to create a zero waste box in the back of my car with all the essentials.

Reusable Shopping Box Bags

eco conscious Christmas wish list 2019 reusable grocery box bags

Yes, another set of bags. You can see why my mother was concerned about me.

I specifically want this reusable box bag set because I’ve heard these work wonders in the grocery store. A box means less squished food and easier packing. Anyone else cringe when the checkout person is basically destroying the organic produce you just shelled out for?

I also plan on using one of these as my zero waste container for the back of the car. 

Stasher Bags

eco friendly gift ideas for anyone stasher bag set

Guys, I literally cannot get enough Stasher bags. I’m using them for everything. I want all the sizes and all the colors. I literally want them all. These are on my eco conscious Christmas wish list, but full disclosure, I did just order myself some during the 25% off sale too. 

I had to laugh this year when on Black Friday/Cyber Monday I was perusing reusable silicone snack bags instead of clothing shopping like I may have in the past.

I 100% believe you cannot have enough Stasher bags. These will probably always be on my gift wish list.

Food Huggers

eco friendly gift ideas for anyone food huggers

These reusable Food Huggers are probably the coolest kitchen gadget I’ve seen this year. They’re totally eco friendly and smart.

You use them to cover fruit or veggies you’re not done eating, open cans or containers, and a million other things. They even have specific ones for avocados and butter sticks. Seriously, they are just cool. Plus, I already have some, and they work.

Just make sure you get the actual Food Huggers brand, because I have seen some copy cat products that don’t look as responsible with their materials and packing. Plus, I think we would all rather support the originators of the idea.

Ok, now on to the non-kitchen items!

Of course there are things that I would love to have that go beyond what you’ll find in my kitchen.

Normally I would probably just browse around Nordstrom until I found something I wanted. Or maybe add to the mountain of clothing in my closet. (Hey, don’t judge, just being honest here).

But this year, I tried to be a lot more thoughtful about my eco conscious Christmas wish list.

So here is what I ended up with.

Cotton On Pajamas

eco conscious Christmas wish list 2019 cotton on pajamas

I stumbled upon Cotton On looking for an organic pajama solution. I’m not saying this will be my end all be all when it comes to pajamas, BUT, I really hate my current pajama situation. Anyone else have a problem with pajama pants being too short? Ugh.

Anyways, I decided I would love to donate my current stuff and get 2 simple sustainable sets that I really loved. So, I added Cotton On to my eco conscious Christmas Wish List. 

Cotton On creates regular clothing products in a more sustainable way. They care about every aspect of their process, from the farms to the education. As far as I can tell they are NOT organic, but definitely more responsible.

However, full honesty, I accidentally ordered some of these for myself too. They were having a 40% off sale over the holidays and I couldn’t stop myself.

To be fair, I feel pretty good about the fact that the only Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping I did for myself was Stasher bags and sustainable pajamas. We will count that as a win.

Nisolo Purses

Another “practical” item I came up with was a new purse. I feel like I’m very close to being out of the diaper bag stage of life and that’s exciting.

I’m not a huge purse person. I don’t often buy them, and I certainly don’t spend a lot of money on them. You’d much sooner find me in the shoe department than the purse department.

That being said, I’ve been using the same black purse for about 10 years and I would like to move on and switch to something more eco conscious. There are actually quite a few conscious/sustainable brands that made great purses, but I wanted something really specific.

I was looking for a large enough bucket purse where I can still stash some kids stuff, or fit my laptop on work days, BUT it I wanted it to have regular handles and a cross body strap. Call me crazy but I love a cross body strap. I’m not sure who in the world is carrying a double strapped purse over their shoulders. That sounds like absolute misery to me.

Anyways, this double handle optioned purse is not the easiest to find.

I ended up finding this Nisolo Simone Crossbody Shopper bag that looks pretty great.

eco conscious Christmas wish list 2019 nisolo cross body shopper

It felt a little small for all of my needs, so on days where I need a bigger option, I also added the Nisolo Lori Tote to my eco conscious Christmas Wish List.

eco conscious Christmas wish list 2019 nisolo tote

I have also been using a gold card holder that was about $10 from Target as a wallet for maybe 5+ years now. The other day my 1.5 year old threw it in the toilet and it seemed like a sign. Needless to say, I went ahead and added the Nisolo Class Wallet to my eco conscious Christas wish list as well.

eco conscious Christmas wish list 2019 nisolo classic wallet

With those three bags (fingers crossed) I feel like my purse situation will be set for years, and years, and years.

In case you’re wondering, Nisolo is a Certified B Corporation which is basically my favorite type of companies to shop from. They make everything ethically and also do a ton of good stuff for people and the environment.

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag

My husband and I have been sort of limping along with a hodge podge of random bags we’ve collected of the year. Or have even had since college.

Last year we splurged on a new luggage set for that same reason. However, when it comes to shorter trips where I need more a duffel bag situation, I am left with some terrible options to work with. For that reason, I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel bag line.

eco friendly gifts for men Patagonia duffel backpack bag

These bags are made from 100% recycled products, including plastic bottles. Plus, they look really cool. Yes, they are pricey. Not much I can say about that.

I went for the 40L duffel bag with wheels. It seemed like the perfect size for one night or short weekend trips. I also added the medium Black Hole cube because I don’t have a travel cosmetics case that will fit my toothbrush and this seemed like the perfect matching. 

eco friendly gifts for men Patagonia travel cube

I think my husband will secretly be relieved to no longer be responsible for my toothbrush as well.

Al’s Eco Conscious Christmas Wish List Bonus Ideas

There are only so many gifts you can ask for in a girl, and like I said I don’t really NEED anything to survive.

But, if you enjoy seeing what I would choose for gifts, here are a few more things I would totally put on my imaginary endless eco conscious Christmas wish list:

CAUSEBOX Subscription

ethical subscription gift ideas cause box

Clove + Hallow Lip Polish & Lip Mask

clean beauty gift ideas clove and hallow lip treatments

Usual Wine (Brut & Rose)

organic wine usual wine

Dry Farms Sparkling Membership

organic wine dry farm wines

True Botanicals Resurfacing Moisture Mask

eco conscious christmas wish list 2019 true botanicals resurfacing face mask

See? It’s possible to get AMAZING gifts that are eco conscious too. I hope my eco conscious Christmas wish list for 2019 gives you some great inspiration. This year, try to avoid plastic and get creative with eco friendly gifts instead!

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