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Counting macros might seem intimidating, but with the right macrobiotic diet app, it doesn’t have to be.

We’re breaking down the best macrobiotic apps to help you get started counting macronutrients. There are apps dedicated solely to the macro diet, and apps that have macro workarounds you can use. Whether you choose something free, or an upgraded version, there is definitely an app that will help you get healthier on this list.

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The Best Macrobiotic Diet Apps Worth Checking Out

The best macrobiotic apps we could find, all in one place. We did the digging for you. Now you just have to download, create your account, and get starting counting macros!

1.  My Macros+

my macros+ macrobiotic diet app

My Macros+ is one of the only apps out there dedicated to the macrobiotic diet. It was created by a former bodybuilder and it boasts a lot of features for the $2.99 price tag.

This macrobiotic diet app is a complete food logging system that breaks everything down into, you guessed it, macronutrients. Each food log item will show the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats. This makes counting macros easy, instead of a complete headache.

The My Macros+ app also allows you to save different macrobiotic diet goals. This is an amazing feature for athletes who may have different daily diet goals based on their corresponding workouts. Users can easily select which goal they are on each day and the app automatically shifts into the right tracking.

Other cool features? You can copy previous meals, save meals, name your own meals, input your macro ratios, and there is a quick add system too. The My Macros+ app also comes with quick learn tips so you can get up to speed efficiently.

2.  Cron-o-meter

cron-o-meter macrobiotic diet app

The Cron-o-meter macrobiotic diet app takes food tracking to a whole new level. You can easily track your macronutrients, but that’s just beginning. Users can also use the Cron-o-meter app to track micronutrients and biometrics.

Start tracking micronutrients like vitamins to see how your nutrition is affecting other aspects of your health, and use the biometrics to dig even deeper into wellness. The app shows measurements like weight waist size, cholesterol levels, triglycerides, ketones, blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, and about a million more things too.

Cron-o-meter tracks it all, and somehow manages to keep a pretty simple dashboard too. This macrobiotic diet app is literally the monster of detailed health and wellness tracking.

3.  KetoDiet App

Ketodiet app macrobiotic diet app

The KetoDiet App is designed specifically for keto dieters, but it works pretty well for the macrobiotic diet too. This app is a food tracker that breaks down entries into macronutrients.

The macrobiotic diet app includes a meal planner, supplement recommendations, and a huge database of recipes. Search through thousands of recipes already broken down into macro and calorie counts for you. The recipes are also all grain-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free.

Other features include a calorie and nutrient calculator, a barcode scanner for adding new foods, the ability to add and save your own recipes, restaurant info for eating out, and cool graphs that show your progress.

This app is primarily focused on weight loss. If that’s the reason you’re starting a macrobiotic diet, this app might be perfect for you.

There is a free version of KetoDIet App, but you’ll have to pay for a lot of the upgraded features.

4.  MyPlate

MyPlate macrobiotic diet app

The MyPlate macrobiotic diet app is another great option for counting macros. While the app can be used for any sort of food logging, it works for macro dieters too.

MyPlate provides a daily snapshot of proteins, carbs, and fats in both grams and percentages making it easy to track your intake and progress.

The app has a database of over 2 million items, and lets you easily scan barcodes to add new items. You can set meal-time reminders, integrate with other fitness tracking apps, add and log custom exercises and keep track of other wellness related categories, like water consumption.

You can access most of the stuff you need without having to upgrade to the premium version.

5.  Carb Manager

carb manager macrobiotic diet app

The Carb Manager macrobiotic diet app is awesome no matter what diet you’re tackling. Carb Manager works with keto, low carb, Whole30, in addition to the macro diet.

Like other macrobiotic diet apps, Carb Manager helps you keep a daily log of diet and exercise and set your own carb, macro and weight loss goals. You can search from over 1 million existing foods, or use quick add features to log new foods. See all of your custom nutrition tracking, and access other neat features like an exercise database.

Other features include the ability to log food by taking a picture, log food and exercise using only voice dictation and sync with other health apps to log additional wellness information. You can also identify problem foods that drag down your carb counts.

A lot of these features are totally free, and you can access even more cool stuff with the premium version.

6.  MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal macrobiotic diet app

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular food tracking and calorie counting apps there is. They have one of the largest food tracking databases, with over 5 million existing entries. They include restaurant options too.

Like other macrobiotic diet apps, you can see the breakdown of your fat, carb, and protein intakes right from your dashboard. They also have the barcode scanner feature for adding new foods, and a huge database of healthy recipes.

With fitness literally in their name, it makes sense that they integrate with other fitness apps too.

The app is free to download, but you may be to upgrade to the premium version to unlock some of the macrobiotic diet features you need.

7.  Mike’s Macros

mikes macros macrobiotic diet app

Mike’s Macros is a super simple and free macrobiotic diet app dedicated to counting macros. Developed by fitness coach Mike Vacanti, there’s a big focus on fat loss, muscle gain, and body recomposition.

The app lets you track your food in true macro form, and let’s you use different macros for different goals days. For example, you may have one macronutrient ratio saved for training days, and one saved for rest days.

The app also encourages you to store progress pictures so you can see the physical change as you reach fitness and weight goals.

This is one of the totally macrobiotic diet apps that doesn’t require any upgrade to access macro features.

8.  Lose It!

lose it macrobiotic diet app

The Lose It! macrobiotic diet app helps build custom nutrition plans for your macro diet goals. They have over 7 million foods pre-loaded in their database, and options for specific brands and restaurants too.

You can add new foods with their barcode scanner, or simply by taking a photo. They provide a daily “budget” that calculates in food consumption and earning back calories through exercise.

The free version of this app shows general calories. You’ll need to upgrade to the premium subscription level to set and track specific macro diet amounts. The premium macrobiotic app version comes with other cool features too, like a DNA testing option.

Even though it’s not free, the premium Lose It! App only costs about $3.33 per month with a subscription.

9.  Lifesum

lifesum macrobiotic diet app

The Lifesum macrobiotic diet app that helps you choose a diet plan, track calories and macros, find new recipes, and hit weight loss goals.

With the upgraded app version you can also track macronutrients. You can enter food information manually, or scan barcodes. If you’re lacking inspiration, just check out the huge database of healthy recipes to choose from.

Lifesum will set you up with tips, reminders, and a food diary to help you stay on track and reach your goals.

10.  Fitocracy Macros

Fitocracy macros macrobiotic diet app

The Fitocracy Macros macrobiotic diet app is a macro logger that helps you build goals and track them. Fitocracy Macros is a little different, because it’s not a food logger. That means instead of adding a specific food and having the macros auto populate in for you, you’ll need to know your exact macro amounts to enter.

You do have the ability to save stats for meals you regularly eat, so you won’t be starting to scratch with your favorites. And the app has announced that they will be adding a food database soon.

This simple macrobiotic diet app helps you count macros and see trends over time. It’s a simple macro diet app option if you’re not looking for all the extras.

Calculating your exact protein, carb, and fat intake with every meal and snack is intimidating. Use one of these macrobiotic diet apps to make counting macros easy, and effective. Hit the weight loss goals you’ve always wanted with a flexible diet that works for you.

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10 macrobiotic diet apps you need