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Finding the right natural cleaning products for a safe and happy life isn’t always the easiest task, but natural cleaning product apps can make it easier.

With a world swirling full of toxic products and confusing marketing, staying safe is way harder than it should be.

Technically cleaning product brands don’t even need to disclose their ingredients. And if you don’t even know what’s inside of a product, how are you supposed to choose a good one?

We all deal with enough scary and unfortunate things. In life, and in family, we are constantly battling to keep ourselves happy and safe.

Our cleaning products shouldn’t be any different.

Using natural cleaning product apps can help you make sure you’re getting the best every single time.

If you’re just getting started with making healthier choices, check out our complete beginner’s guide to natural cleaning products.

And if you know you want to make better choices for you and your family but aren’t sure where to start, keep reading!

We’re breaking down the best natural cleaning product apps for simplified shopping below.

Best 4 Natural Cleaning Products Apps

1.  Think Dirty App

think dirty natural cleaning products app

The Think Dirty app covers way more than cleaning products. This natural cleaning products app actually got started with makeup. But it’s great for checking natural cleaning products too. With a simple scan of the barcode you’ll get a quick toxicity rating (1-10) for any particular product.

Each scan will give you a detailed listing that includes ingredients and long-term health effects. The listings are simple and easy to understand.

The Think Dirty natural cleaning products app is great for when you’re on the go and don’t have time for heavy research.

2.  EWG Healthy Living App

egg healthy living natural cleaning products app

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) EWG Healthy Living natural cleaning products app has one of the longest standing safety databases there is. You could even stay they started the movement.

The EWG’s goal is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. They want you to make better, more informed decisions. These choices can improve your health, create a safer environment for your family, and help protect the environment too.

Their database has over 70,000 products and 2,100 brands. They also use a simiar 1-10 rating, with a rating of one being the safest. They don’t have every single product or brand listing, but you can search ingredients instead as a workaround.

3.  GoodGuide App

good guide natural cleaning products app

The GoodGuide natural cleaning products app is another great database options to help you make safer decisions. The database allows you to scan or search over 250,000 products within a variety of categories. 

To make things easy, they’ve adopted the same 1-10 toxicity scale other natural cleaning products apps are using. Their rating incorporates health risks as well as environmental and social impact.

This natural cleaning product app will help you be a better informed shopper. Have a favorite product you love but doesn’t rate so great? They offer safer solutions for the products you love too.

4.  Detox Me App

detox me natural cleaning product app

The Detox Me natural cleaning products app was created to help consumers live healthier lives. The app is broken into six major categories. You can find helpful information about products within home, food & drink, clothing, personal care, cleaning and children.

One extra feature this natural cleaning products app provides is DIY info. If you’re interested in making your own safe natural cleaning products, you can browse their recipes for easy guides to get started. Whether you want to purchase natural cleaning products, or make your own, this app has got you covered.

The natural cleaning product app also gives general shopping tips to follow for specific types of products and ingredients. Knowing general guidelines helps you become a more informed consumer, and gets you one step closer to that dreamy healthy life.

Have you searched your products and feel ready to purchase? We’ve also broken down the best places to buy natural cleaning products online.

Natural cleaning products apps may be the one missing link between you and a healthier, safe home. Confusing marketing can lead you in the TOTALLY wrong direction when it comes to safer products, but these apps will get you back on track.

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