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Well, I tried Bite toothpaste bits. And guess what? 

As weird as the experience is the first time you do it, I loved them!

I’ve been using Tom’s toothpaste for years. I felt better about using a toxin free toothpaste options. 

My kids use the children’s version, and I even converted my husband, which isn’t the easiest thing to do.

But it wasn’t until recently that I figured out Tom’s was still totally missing the boat.

Every time we run through a new package of Tom’s toothpaste, a plastic tube is heading out into the universe.

As I spend more and more time expanding my toxin free lifestyle into a less waste lifestyle, I knew I needed a better option.

In comes Bite toothpaste bits.

These amazing little toxin free toothpaste tablets are a zero waste alternative to the traditional toothpaste tubs we’re all used to.

Don’t worry, if it sounds a little too freaky for you, watch our complete Bite toothpaste bits review video to see the products in action. Otherwise, keep reading!

What are Bite Toothpaste Bits?

Bite Toothpaste Bits are a toxin free toothpaste alternative that comes in a tab form.

Because they are little tablets they can be stored in a glass jar. No plastic here!

Bite toothpaste bits are vegan and come in two varieties. You can get Naturally Whitening Mint, or Activated Charcoal.

bite toothpaste bits review glass bottles

What in the world are they made of?

Unlike a lot of big box brand toothpastes, Bite tells you the exact ingredients of their toxin free zero waste toothpaste bits.

Bite ToothPaste Ingredients

  • Xylitol
  • Erythritol
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Guar Gum
  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (derived from coconut oil)
  • Rice Extract
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Zinc Citrate
  • Silica
  • Natural Mint Flavor
  • Charcoal (only in the activated charcoal bits)

How Do Bite Toothpaste Bits Work?

Bite toothpaste bits are incredibly easy to use.

They’re also pre measured into tabs so you know exactly how much to use, and when you’ll run out.

To use Bite toothpaste bits you select a tab out of your reusable glass container and put it in your mouth. Then, you bit down to break the tab.

The directions on the Bite bottle say to bit down once. My husband and I both agree it’s best to bite down a few times.

Essentially this will create the toothpaste in your mouth faster since the pieces will be smaller.

Once you bit down a few times, just put your wet toothbrush in your mouth and start brushing!

Give the water a few seconds to hit the Bite toothpaste bits and you’ll have a full mouth of toothpaste.

It’s as easy as biting, putting some water on your toothbrush, and starting to brush!

Bite Toothpaste Bits Packaging

One of the coolest parts about the Bite toothpaste bits is their zero waste factor.

With this one simple product you can eliminate tons of plastic toothpaste tubs you were using each year.

Bite toothpaste tabs come in refillable, recyclable, glass jars. Guys, this company uses zero plastic. Ever. That is pretty cool.

What about the rest of their packaging?

bite toothpaste bits review packaging

One time Bite toothpaste bits purchases are delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes sealed with paper tape, or recyclable envelopes made from recycled newspapers.

If you opt for the subscription route, your refill packs are delivered in compostable, marine degradable packaging made from biomaterials.

Needless to say, Bite is totally committed to helping make the planet a better place.

Bite Toothpaste Bits Subscription Model

You can make a great impact on the environment by using Bite toothpaste bits.

But you can make an even bigger impact using their subscription model.

The Bite toothpaste bits subscription model starts by sending you a four month supply of Bite toothpaste bits in a glass jar.

Then, you get refill packs automatically sent to your home in 100% compostable packaging. You add these to your existing refillable jar and you’re all set!

The subscription model uses less glass jars, and has less of a shipping footprint because they are much lighter than the glass jars.

The Bite toothpaste bits subscription model costs $30 and is billed every four months. That’s only a $7.50 toxin free zero waste toothpaste monthly cost. Not bad at all!

You get email reminders before every new shipment, and you can cancel anytime.

Honest Bite Toothpaste Bits Review

I was actually really excited to try Bite toothpaste bits.

If I’m being totally honest I was slightly nervous only because it’s a new process. My other concern was what my husband would think.

It took me a LONG time to force him from big box brand toothpaste to Toms, and now I was about to come at him with toothpaste bits. Yikes.

Long story short, I really liked using the Bite toothpaste bits.

I thought of a few common questions I think people will have, and provided my answers below.

Bite Toothpaste Bits Review Q&A

Is there enough toothpaste?

I could totally see people being concerned with a pre-measured amount of toothpaste. Some people love to pile it on, and some people barely want any.

I would say in general I use a very average amount of toothpaste. I felt like the Bite toothpaste bits provided plenty of toothpaste to work with. As the toothpaste bit foamed and turned into the paste my mouth felt full, and there was plenty of toothpaste moving around my mouth and teeth and I brushed.

How is the Bite toothpaste bit paste consistency?

As the toothpaste bit foamed and turned into the actual toothpaste I found it to have a lighter consistency than other pastes. It feels more like a light foam moving around your mouth.

How quickly did the bits turn to toothpaste?

At first I bite down just once per the instructions on the bottle. WIth one bite I still had pretty large chunks left behind in my mouth. I did feel like it was taking a long time for anything to happen.

I did a few more gentle bites to break up the toothpaste bit even more and found it turned to the toothpaste much quicker.

My recommendation for using the Bite toothpaste bits is to bite down a few times to get started. Especially if you tend to be an impatient person like me.

Is there any leftover residue in your mouth?

While i was brushing my teeth I could feel small little particles of the bit moving around my teeth. They were getting pushed to the hard to reach places and it did occur to me that maybe I wouldn’t be able to get all these little pieces out.

But after I kept brushing everything totally dissolved and I was left with a perfectly clean mouth.

I actually think the little bits moving around my mouth may help get more toothpaste into the hard to reach crevices of my teeth. This is not a clinical statement in any way, just a hunch on my part.

Which flavor did you like better?

I honestly liked them both! I didn’t think there was a huge difference.

I was a little nervous about trying the charcoal after the mint. But honestly, it just still tasted minty!

Both were refreshing and minty. I liked the flavor much better than the Toms tube versions I was using. The charcoal may be slightly less minty but, again, both were great!

On the Bite website they say the charcoal is better for removing surface stains (lots of coffee, lots of red wine). Some users keep the charcoal on hand and only use it for those days when they’ve had overkill of those items.

Did your teeth feel clean?

Guys, my teeth felt so clean and fresh!

After brushing with the Bite toothpaste bits my mouth felt super refreshed and clean. I actually spent a few seconds running my tongue over my teeth because they felt so smooth.

As I said earlier, I have a hunch that the nature of the product may also allow for better cleaning in the hard to reach places. But that’s just my guess.

I can definitely say that in comparison to the various types of Tom’s toothpaste I have used, my teeth felt cleaning after using the BIte toothpaste bits.

So there it is, the complete Bite toothpaste bits review!

I’m excited to have found a toxin free toothpaste option that’s ALSO less waste.

Have you tried any toothpaste alternatives? What did you think?

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