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Beauty products are some of the most toxic substances we spread over our bodies every single day. If you haven’t started looking at cleaner, better beauty brands yet, now is the time.

I’m super excited to dive into Clove + Hallow today, and how I got started using them. Plus, my total honest review.

clove and hallow clean beauty

How did I end up with Clove + Hallow out of all the clean beauty brands out there? Let’s do a little back story first.

Tricky Clean Beauty Marketing

For a long time I made my beauty purchases based off marketing. I totally fell for it. And with good reason. Marketing is totally tricky, and there aren’t many regulations when it comes to beauty products.

Long story short, for many many years I used Tarte products for almost all of my makeup. And to be honest I really liked them!

But when I started doing a deeper dive into all of the products I had at home I looked up Tarte on the ThinkDirty app and I was less than impressed with the results.

Their products were all over the place. Some had decent ratings, and some were pretty bad. Some had totally different ratings based on the color selection for the same product.

It was confusing and it didn’t make me feel great about the brand. I’m a loyal makeup brand user. I like to use the same simple products every day. Easy routine, easy purchases.

But did I really want to give my dollars to a company that produced good AND bad products? Not really.

I would rather spend my money with a brand that produces all great products. A brand where I don’t have to worry about what I’m buying as long as it’s from them.

The Search for New Clean Beauty Products

With all that being said. It can be really hard to switch beauty products when you’ve been using the same ones for years. And that’s especially true if you have sensitive skin. Which of course, I do.

I started researching around but I was nervous to order products online in case I hated them! I wanted new products but I didn’t want to waste a fortune trying to find them.

I started at Ulta because they have a great return policy, and they carry Juice Beauty, which I had read great things about. Plus, it’s organic!

Juice Beauty products are literally rated a zero on Think Dirty, You can’t get any better.

Anyways, I tried their liquid foundation and pressed powder foundation. The liquid foundation is OK but a super super light coverage. I did keep that and am using it up. But the pressed powder was way too drying for my skin. I ended up returning that. If you are looking for very light coverage, I would still give Juice Beauty a try!

I felt a little lost on my clean but search for new foundation/powder so I reached out to This Organic Girl on instagram. She was gracious enough to message me back!

After telling her what I was looking for (clean beauty foundation with good coverage) she suggested Clove + Hallow and the rest is history!

Clove + Hallow Makeup Overview

Clove + Hallow Think Dirty Rating

I know This Organic Girl only uses the highest quality products, so I had a good sense that Clove + Hallow was really safe. However, I couldn’t find it anywhere on Think Dirty of the EWG database. That was slightly concerning, but I also know that not all brands are there yet.

I did some searches for what their scores would be, and actually found some information on the Clove + Hallow site explaining the quality of their ingredients. They also stated that every ingredient they use falls at a 3 or below on the Think Dirty rating systems, which are the green rating, and totally cool with me!

Clove + Hallow Reusable Packaging

Another thing I instantly loved about Clove + Hallow was their reusable pressed foundation compact. You buy the compact once, and then just get refills.

I love this because it’s less plastic waste hitting the landfills every time you need more foundation. (Some of us go through a lot of foundation).

When I got the compact and refill in the mail I was a little concerned about how well it would stick in there, and whether it would potentially fall out. It actually has some kind of magnetic backing and it popped right in. I’ve been using it for over a month now and have never had an issue with it falling out.

Purchasing Clove + Hallow Clean Beauty Online

Ok, let’s be honest, the biggest problem about purchasing clean beauty products online is picking the right colors.

clove and hallow foundation color choices

Picking the correct foundation color is about as complex as flying to the moon.

That being said, Clove + Hallow has some neat programs in place to help you out, and they really did work for me.

First of all, they have a sample program.

You can purchase their liquid skin tint product in a sample trio to find the perfect shade. You essentially select the closest color family, and then they send you the three closet shades. The cost is $8, and you get a $5 off voucher for a full size product once you find the perfect color. 

clove and hallow liquid skin tint sample trio

Basically you are paying a net of $3 for the samples, and you can get 3-5 uses out of each one. I thought this was a great deal, and it really worked. Two of the colors were really close for me and after trying both I picked one. I probably could have been fine with either though!

Second, they have a look book online.

clove and hallow clean beauty lookbook

This is helpful because you can actually see someone wearing the product. 

I don’t know about you, but when foundations get into the descriptions that say things like “light with pink undertones,” or “light with neutral undertones” I’m immediately lost. 

How the heck do I know what undertones I have?

The lookbook helped me make a decision on my pressed foundation. And believe it or not, I actually picked the right color on the first go! Pretty amazing.

Lastly, you can definitely reach out to them and ask for help selecting a color too.

Clove + Hallow Product Highlights

These are the Clove + Hallow clean beauty products that I have so far and am loving. I haven’t tried everything yet, because I’m still using up some other products I have at home.

Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint

clove and hallow liquid skin tint

The Liquid Skin Tint is a moisturizing foundation that has a soft matted finish, but good coverage. If you wanted a light to medium coverage you could just use this product alone and build on it as you wanted. I typically wear a full face of makeup, so I use this first, and then finish with the pressed foundation powder on top.

Right now I am just applying this product with my hands, like a lotion. But I think I’m going to try switching to a wet brush and will report back!

Clove + Hallow Pressed Foundation

clove and hallow pressed mineral foundation

I was hesitant to switch from loose powder to pressed powder, but I actually really like the Clove + Hallow Pressed Foundation product. It has great coverage and doesn’t dry out my skin like other products do. My favorite thing about it is the reusable compact, which cuts down on my waste in a major way. 

I either layer this over the liquid skin tint, or wear it alone.

You can watch me give a full overview with this Clove + Hallow Pressed Foundation Review Video too.

Clove + Hallow Mascara

clove and hallow flex lash mascara

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to switch away from Tarte was that the mascara I was using did not have a great rating. So far I really like the Clove + Hallow mascara. It has a very liquid, non clumpy finish. I would say it trends towards a more natural look, but like any mascara, you can just keep layering on if you want a thicker look.

I originally thought I may need a different product for evenings out where I was doing a heavier makeup look, but I’ve used this for weddings and other events and am totally fine with the results I’m getting!

I will say, so far it’s lasting a long time too. I wear mascara every single day and usually I was going through a Tarte tube much faster than the Clove + Hallow mascara. It doesn’t seem to dry out or clump up as fast, which is great and economical too!

Clove + Hallow Lip Gloss

clove and hallow lip glaze

I threw on a Clove + Hallow lip glaze on my last order and am liking the finish a lot. I wish I would have realized the type of dispenser it was, because this particular kind is not my favorite, but the actual color and finish are really nice.

Overall, I’m really happy with my Clove + Hallow beauty products and don’t plan on changing from them anytime soon! Once my current bronzer product runs out I’m excited to try that too.

If you’re looking for a great clean beauty option, you may love this brand too.

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