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It’s official, eco friendly holiday cards are here!

When starting my journey towards a more toxin free and eco friendly life, I felt pretty guilty about my holiday card situation.

To be honest I love getting holiday cards. I love seeing everyone’s families. I love seeing how everyone has changed. And I love hanging them up for our family to look at every time we walk by.

However, I knew in my gut that printing off a ton of cards and mailing them every year couldn’t be fabulous for the environment.

I did spend a hot minute thinking about doing a digital card. Yes, send my holiday card via email. But, I just can’t.

There is nothing wrong with sending your holiday cards digitally. It’s just not for me. Holiday cards are one of the few traditions I get really excited about, and I’m not ready to give them up.

I actually save our cards each year and plan on putting them all in a book for each of my girls to look back at. Nerd alert!

So I wasn’t ready to give up printed holiday cards, but I did want to make sure I was taking the most responsible steps I could.

With a quick little bit of research I found the perfect solution. Eco friendly holiday cards from Paper Culture.

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My Favorite Eco Friendly Holiday Card Company

It was like all my eco holiday dreams came true when I found Paper Culture!

Paper Culture is an eco friendly card company that brings sustainability and care to the world of printed paper.

Why Do I Love Paper Culture?

Post-Consumer Recycled Materials

The first reason I love Paper Culture is that they only use post-consumer recycled content for all of their products. That means they do not use ANY new materials for their products.

No trees being cut down? Score!

Responsible Manufacturing Processes

In addition to using recycled materials, Paper Culture also uses responsible manufacturing processes. They offset the entire carbon footprint of their manufacturing and transportation process, meaning they actually result in a carbon neutral result.

They are also a wind power generated company. Yep, their paper is produced using wind power!

Planting Trees Initiative

Probably the coolest part of ordering through Paper Culture is that you get to plant a tree! Ok, you don’t physically have to plant a tree. They do it for you!

Every time you order eco friendly holiday cards through Paper Culture they plant a tree for you!

Paper Culture has planted over 1,000,000 trees to date. So not only are they not tearing down trees to make their products, they’re adding new ones too. Yes!

Living Their Culture

They also take the extra small steps. Because the small steps add up.

At their corporate office they print double sided, recycle, compost, and choose offices that are close to public transportation.

They’re promoting great choices all around!

eco friendly holiday cards paper culture mission values

Ordering Custom Eco Friendly Holiday Cards

If you’re worried about what exactly eco friendly holiday cards might look like, don’t be!

Surprise, they look exactly like non eco friendly holiday cards. Yep, you can get the same type of designs you would get from any other major online printer. And the sales too!

I ordered my holiday cards through Paper Culture this year, and it was a breeze.

Just like I have in the past, I browsed through the designs and then uploaded my family photos to customize.

There is literally nothing different about the process of ordering eco friendly holiday cards through Paper Culture than ordering the typical options somewhere online.

Once I customized my card I went through all the regular options. I selected my quantity, finish, paper weight, and finished with the addressing and envelope choices.

Paper Culture even has a design review process, just like their less eco friendly competitors.

Eco Friendly Holiday Card Design Options

eco friendly holiday cards paper culture design ideas

As I mentioned above, Paper Culture has tons of eco friendly holiday card design options. You can choose from more traditional, to modern and fun. They’ve got all the holidays covered, and options for all types of families. You can even order a holiday card specifically from you pet!

I’ve ordered from several different big box vendors online in the past, and I didn’t feel anything was missing from my design experience at Paper Culture.

I found SEVERAL great options that were exactly what I was looking for. And per usual, I created previews of all of them and then picked my final design from there. Like I said, I’m a total holiday card junkie!

Eco Friendly Holiday Card Cost

There are so many misconceptions about the cost of toxin free and eco friendly products. I see so many people shy away from purchasing better quality products because they assume the cost will be astronomical.

And they are so, so wrong.

Just like tons of other eco friendly brands and companies, eco friendly holiday cards cost about the same as non eco friendly ones.

I found the cost of Paper Culture holiday cards to be on par, or even slightly cheaper than other large online companies I’ve used.

Which is even more of a win in my book! While I value the quality of companies and products over their cost, I’m a very cost conscious person, so what I’m paying still matters to me.

Even better, Paper Culture has all the same online sales that you see the other companies promoting online.

As I’m writing this they are literally offering 40% off holiday cards. That’s almost half off, PLUS you’re helping the environment.

eco friendly holiday cards paper culture sale

I literally cannot find a downside to using Paper Culture.

So, if you love sending and receiving holiday cards as much as me, go eco this year!

Paper Culture has all the benefits of a typical holiday card company, but they are SO much better.

Create your own custom cards from post-consumer recycled materials and then dedicate a tree afterwards.

It seemed silly but there was something so satisfying about getting a message about planting my tree after I placed my order.

I planted a tree this holiday season guys! Are you going to plant yours?

Get started now at Paper Culture.

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