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All of us have them. Those tough people on your holiday shopping list. They are kind of picky. They already have everything. They are in short, a big pain to shop for.

We’re fixing all of your problems today with these reusable gift ideas anyone will love.

Yes, even the crankiest of cranky will love receiving these thoughtful, environmentally friendly, reusable gifts.

Which one would make the perfect gift for your family or friends?

11 Eco Friendly Gifts for Anyone on Your List

1.  Reusable Water Bottle

eco friendly gifts for anyone hydroflask water bottle

Everyone loves a new water bottle. Especially if it’s a trendy reusable water bottle. A few of our top picks are the Klean Kanteen or HydroFlask brands.

They come in tons of colors, bottle tops, and colors. You can customize this gift to your picky friend of family members liking. 

A water bottle is one of those simple gifts that no one is ever mad about getting. We love reusable water bottles so much we wrote a whole article on them. Check out the Best Toxin Free Water Bottles on Amazon.

2.  Wood Cutting Board

eco friendly gift ideas for anyone sustainable wooden cutting board

The sight of a beautiful sustainable cutting board on a clean kitchen counter? There is hardly anything better.

Cutting boards are another one of those gifts that everyone loves getting. Especially if they’re sustainably and responsibly made.

We love this bamboo cutting board for the overly detail oriented person. It has ALL the lines and measurements you could ever need for chopping, slicing, and dicing.

3.  Reusable Shopping Bags

eco friendly gift ideas for anyone reusable shopping bags

This Simple Ecology organic 6 piece reusable bag set makes the perfect gift to keep in your car. Anyone on your list is sure to love and appreciate the reminder to use less plastic bags and shop more eco friendly!

This set gives us all the sustainable vibes with the perfect eco look and organic materials.

With this sustainable gift idea, your family and friends can shop in eco style.

4.  Food Huggers

eco friendly gift ideas for anyone food huggers

Food Huggers are the incredibly smart way to keep your food fresh longer. This innovative eco friendly product helps you cut down on plastic waste, dishes, and food waste.

These 100% FDA silicone covers keep fruits and veggies fresh longer, plus cover jars, cans and other containers too. They even make a custom avocado cover!

Food Huggers are BPA and phthalate free and nest compactly for easy storage. Literally anyone on your list will get a kick out of this eco friendly gift idea.

You can get the complete Food Huggers Bundle of Hugs directly on their, or you can get all of their individual bundles and Avocado Huggers right on Amazon.

5.  Reusable Drink Glasses

eco friendly gift ideas for anyone hydroflask wine mug

You can never have enough reusable drink glasses. Whether it’s packing your own drink to go on a walk, picnic, or gathering, this sustainable gift idea will get tons of use!

We love the Hydro Flask stainless steel wine tumbler. And if you really want to knock your gift out of the park, pair it with a bottle of organic wine!

6.  Toxin Free Candles

eco friendly gift ideas for anyone toxin free candles

Everyone loves a candle, but most typical candles are full of toxic ingredients.

Grab these Lulu Candles instead. Lulu Candles are 100% organic soy vegan wax candles that use 100% belgium lavender essential oils and 100% cotton lead free wicks. They are totally non-toxic (no phthalates, parabens or sulfates), and crafted using biodegradable soy wax.

Anyone would love this sustainable candle option!

7.  Organic Microgreens Grow Kit

eco friendly gift ideas for anyone micro green grow kit

This Back to the Roots Microgreens Grow Kit w/ Ceramic Planter is the cutest eco friendly gift for anyone on your list!

Give the gift of a fun project, and a nutritional outcomes to eat! These little planters are 100% organic, zero waste, made in the USA and are part of a #GrowOneGiveOne program. When you share a pic of your kit, Back to the Roots will donate a kit to a classroom of your choice!

8.  Reusable Plastic Bags

eco friendly gift ideas for anyone stasher bag set

Reusable plastic bags are the gift that no one knows they need. You can literally use them for anything from cooking to storage to on-the-go essentials.

We love the Stasher brand, and this 3 Stasher bag set makes for the perfect sustainable gift for anyone on your list!

9.  Corkor Passport Wallet

eco friendly gift ideas for anyone cork passport wallet

There is nothing more terrifying than traveling and misplacing your passport. Give the eco friendly gift of ease of mind with the Corkor Passport Wallet.

This vegan, sustainable travel wallet is the perfect accessory for men or women who frequently travel, or have a big trip coming up. Trust us, no one is mad about getting more travel accessories!

10.  Audible Subscription

eco friendly gift ideas for anyone audible subscription

An Audible subscription is an amazing way to gift the joy of books in an eco friendly way. With an Audible subscription there is no printing and no extra waste! Plus your recipient can listen to books on the go.

Your gift includes an unmatched selection of audiobooks, 3 titles each month, 30% off additional books, and much more! Amazon makes it easy to give through their audible gift page where you can select 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

11. Superfoods Starter Kit

eco friendly gift ideas for anyone Hamama starter kit

Give the gift of healthy super foods you can grow at home! The Hamama Starter Kit gives you everything you need to grow microgreens and micro herbs which can be packed with 40 times more nutrition than mature versions of the same foods.

You can choose from 9 different types of Hamama microgreens that you can grow right in your own kitchen. It’s the perfect eco friendly gift for anyone on your list who loves to cook or garden.

There are so many great eco friendly gifts to choose from this year. Pick any of the creative options above to be the gift giving hit of whatever gathering you’re heading to.

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