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The perfect weight loss app can help you shed pounds faster. They provide support, guidance, tips, and help hold you accountable.

The problem? There are a TON Of weight loss apps. So how do you choose?

We’ve compiled the ultimate weight loss app guide with all the best apps in one convenient place. Explore the different options ranging from nutrition, to fitness, and from free to premium.

Once you’ve found the perfect weight loss app for you, make sure to pair with the your ideal weight loss environment to double down on results. And remember, diet and exercise apps don’t have to be expensive. Check out these 15 free weight loss apps to start exploring how technology can help you lose weight, without investing your entire bank account.

Lose It!

Lose it! weight loss app screenshots

The Lose It! weight loss app helps you shed pounds by generating a custom nutrition plan for you. The app uses your input to generate your daily calorie needs, and then helps you track what you’re eating.

Lose It! makes it easy to log food by using a massive database of over 7 million foods. This includes specific brands and restaurants. Even better, they’ve added a barcode scanner so you can add foods without any extra legwork.

Probably their coolest feature is the ability to food intake and portion sizes with the snap of a photo.

One of the most frustrating aspects of food tracking can be the lengthy manual input. The Lose it! App aims to make food tracking easy and effective.

You can get the Lose it! weight loss app basic features for free, or premium for a little more than $3 a month.

Lose It! App Cost

Basic: FREE

Premium: $3.33/month


spark people calorie tracker app screenshots

SparkPeople is a free weight loss app mostly used as a weight loss log. You can track intake, weight and exercise.

Like most other apps they have a large database of food items to keep logging quick.

One additional thing SparkPeople provides is an exercise database. You can sort through common exercises to see photos and guidelines that will inspire your workout.

You can also grab some extra motivation from their points system, which rewards you for healthy habits.

SparkPeople App Cost



noom weight loss app screen shots

Noom has dubbed itself the WeightWatchers for millennials, and it’s still fairly new in terms of weight loss technology.

Noom provides a customized plan based on your goals. Each day you have a list of tasks (things like logging meals, weight, exercise), and asked to rate your motivation. You’re connected to a real human personal coach and you can chat with fellow users too.

The program aims to really educate users on a healthy, and attainable lifestyle where they can stay accountable.

Noom App Cost

Noom pricing varies on the length of subscription but starts at $59/month


myfitnesspal weight loss app screenshots

One of the most well known weight loss apps is MyFitnessPal. They’ve been around forever and provide a great calorie counting and food log app.

Their database matches their popularity with over 5 million foods to choose from. They even integrate a ton of restaurant food items, making it easier to track even when you’re eating out.

MyFitnessPal also provides some cool reports. You can get an immediate breakdown of what you’re eating, including total fat, carb, and protein intake.

Like other trackers, they’ve got the barcode scanner, plus you can find new healthy recipes, and sync with other fitness-tracking apps too.

MyFitnessPal App Cost



stepbet weight loss app screenshots

StepBet is another play on betting to shed some pounds.

You join the app and then sign up for fitness challenges. You bet on how likely you are to hit your weekly goal, and then your progress is tracked with whatever device you’re using. Think Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, or another.

Yor bet is pooled with others who joined the same challenge, and then whoever completes the task gets a payout of the total bet.

StepBet App Cost


Studio Tone It Up

studio tone it up weight loss app screenshot

Studio Tone It Up focuses on high energy, fun workouts.

You may recognize trainers Karena and Katrina from Bravo’s original TV series, Tone It Up. These two energetic women will keep you motivated with high-energy workouts, inspiring messages, and a community.

You also get access to healthy recipes and other wellness tips.

Studio Tone It Up App Cost




Fitbit weight loss app screenshots

Fitbit is all about physical activity. The popular wearable technology helps you track your movement and exercise throughout the day.

The small device is usually worn as a bracelet, and connect to the Fitbit app. In the app you’ll find number of steps, miles, stairs climbed, and heart rate. Users also have the option to add additional information by tracking food and water consumption and sleep habits.

Fitbit allows you to connect with family and friends for a sense of community, and also competition. Seeing the number of steps you’ve taken for the day helps encourage more activity, especially when you want to beat out your friend or sibling.

The Fitbit wearable device and app is one of many options in this category. You may also see Jawbone UP, Google Fit, and Apple Watch.

Since gaining popularity, Fitbit has gone from fitness gear to a full blow fashion accessory. Users can now collect different bands and accessories, even from high end stores like Nordstrom.

You will need to purchase a Fitbit to get started with the app.

Fitbit App Cost



nudge weight loss app screen shots

Nudge is a weight loss app that’s all about community.

Download the app to join supportive groups of people they call Clubs. Your Club will provide support, advice, and inspiration for your weight loss journey.

They also have other features, like the ability to connect with a personal coach for one-on-one instruction and motivation.

Nudge App Cost


WeightWatchers (WW)

weight watchers WW app screenshots

WeightWatchers (WW) is a well known weight loss program that offers several different ways to participate. You can join and attend in-person meetings, or you can simply track your own progress online using their app.

The app uses the signature WeightWatchers system which assigns a number of points you should consume daily based on your current body and weight loss goals.

The tracker has tons of preloaded food options and a barcode scanner to add new foods too.

The WeightWatchers app also allows you to search a huge database of recipes.

Unlike other weight loss apps, you do have to be an active paying member of WeightWatchers to use the app.

WeightWatchers App Cost

Join and attend weekly meetings: around $9/month

Join online program: around $4/month


fat secret weight loss calorie counter app screenshots

The FatSecret weight loss app focuses on providing support in addition to a traditional food log.

FatSecret lets you chat with other community users and also find people working towards similar weight loss goals.

This app is a great option for users who are looking for a more personal connection to help boost their weight loss success.

They have a database of healthy recipes and even allow you to share your logged information with healthcare providers.

FatSecret App Cost



pact weight loss app screenshots

Pact raises the weight loss stakes by asking you to essentially bet on yourself. Users agree to either a gym, veggie, or food logging pact and then choose an amount of money they will owe other users if they miss their goals.

On the flip side, users who DO meet their goals receive cash rewards from the members who had to pay in because they missed.

Having a financial stake in your weight loss goals may motivate you to work that much harder, but the app can get expensive if you’re not staying on track.

Pact is free to use, as long as you are meeting your goals, but it doesn’t included a food intake log. If you go this route you’ll need to sync another app, like MyFitnessPal to your account.

Pact App Cost

FREE (as long as you’re meeting your goals)


chron-o-meter weight loss app screenshots

Cron-O-Meeter is another weight loss app that tracks food intake, fitness, and general health data, but with a bigger focus on nutrients.

It looks at over 60 nutrients and offers trends reporting so you can see how you’re stacking up to your dietary needs.

Cron-O-Meter also allows you to upload photos of your body, adding a visual component to your weight loss journey.

This user friendly app takes a deeper dive into your health than a lot of other trackers. It estimates your body fat percentage, and you can even track data like cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Chron-O-Meter App Cost



fooducate weight loss app screenshots

Fooducate is a weight loss app that helps you make better decisions at the grocery store.

You can scan items to see nutrient information, including warnings about commonly hidden unhealthy ingredients.

If the items you’ve chosen isn’t up to par, Fooducate will provide healthier suggestions you can shop instead.

You can also add in specific dietary restrictions, like allergies, if you upgrade to the monthly subscription.

Fooducate App Cost

Basic: FREE


healthyout weight loss app screenshots

Losing weight while eating out is nearly impossible. It’s tough to tell exactly what ingredients are used in restaurant meals, and portion sizes are usually huge.

HealthyOut helps you make better choices when you can’t avoid eating out. It narrows in on healthy restaurant dishes in your area. The app also factors in your own preferences, and you can sort by different options like paleo or vegetarian.

Make sure you are inside their service areas before planning your whole diet around this weight loss app.

HealthyOut App Cost


Nike+ (Nike Run Club)

nike run club app screenshots

The Nike Run Club app helps users get motivated for weight loss through exercise.

You can choose an individual workout or a four-week long program. Nike+ is great for all types of users as it caters to beginners, intermediate, and advanced capbilities.

There are over 100 workout options and you can even use it on your tablet or TV.

Nike+ App Cost


7-Minute Workout App

7 minute workout app screenshots

This 7-Minute Workout weight loss app is as simple as it sounds. It caters a variety of workouts, all delivered in 7 minute increments.

No matter how busy you are, it’s hard to find an excuse not to spend 7 minutes getting healthier.

7-Minute Workout is a web app, so don’t forget to add it to your phone first.

7-Minute Workout App Cost


BetterMe Weight Loss Plan

better me weight loss app screenshots

The BetterMe Weight Loss Plan weight loss app is full service exercise and meal plan app targeted specifically towards women.

You’ll choose specific areas of the body you’d like to work on and then combine the recommended exercises with a provided 28 day meal plan. The workouts come in 15 minute sets you can do right from home.

BetterMe Weight Loss App Cost

$9.99/month (3 Day Free Trial)


8fit weight loss app screenshots

8fit customizes an entire meal and workout plan for users. It tackles additional paint points that come with trying to lose weight too. The app helps with finding time to work out, doing exercises correctly, and coming up with a meal plan you can actually stick to.

Workouts can be done from anywhere and don’t require any special equipment.

The meal plans provide ingredient alternatives so you can find something you really like, and you can even generate grocery lists too.

8fit App Cost

Free (limited workouts

$5/month (1 year commitment)

$10/month (3 month commitment)

Weight Loss Fitness

weight loss fitness app screenshots

The Weight Loss Fitness app is geared towards exercise. The program sets you up with a six week plan. Then, you can adjust based on intensity and needs to meet your goals.

The app has video and audio guidance for all workouts, and they start as short at 6 minutes long.

Weight Loss Fitness App Cost

$9.99 (monthly)

$49.99 (annual)


sweat coin weight loss app screenshot

Sweatcoin is the weight loss app that pays you to lose.

This app counts all outdoor steps towards rewards. That’s right, treadmills don’t count.

Every 1,000 steps earns you around 1 Sweatcoin. Once you accumulate enough Sweatcoins you can trade them in for things like a subscription to the Calm app or even a virtual personal trainer.

If you need a little external motivation to get your sweat on, this may be a great option for you. You don’t earn actual money, but you do see an occasional gift card as an option.

Sweatcoin App Cost



sworkit weight loss app screenshots

The Sworkit weight loss app offers guided and customized workout plans for all experience levels.

You can customize what type of exercise you want to do, and how long you have to do it. The app also comes with music from Spotify, demonstrations and the ability to focus on certain body parts.

You can even get the results from your workout sesh to sync to other fitness apps for tracking. Sworkit also launched a fitness app version for children, called Sworkit Kids.

Sworkit App Cost

$29.99 (3 month subscription)

$79.99 (annual)


geniofit weight loss app screenshot

GenioFit covers it all. They develop a personalized plan that covers fitness, nutrition, mental health, and overall health and vitality based on your goals.

The app uses PRISE protocol (protein pacing, resistance functional training, interval high intensity training, stretching, endurance training) to keep you on track for your healthiest life yet.

GenioFit App Cost



run keeper weight loss app screenshots

Runkeeper is a weight loss app designed specifically with runners in mind.

This app will track everything about your run. Automatic GPS and elevation tracking, audio workout feedback, and logged results are just a few of the features.

Runkeeper also allows you to set goals and follow a dedicated plan to increase endurance over time.

Runkeeper App Cost

FREE (basic)

$9.99 (Pro)

Losing weight is hard, but with the right app it doesn’t have to be. Figure out exactly what you need, and then choose an app that will help you get there.

Need even more inspiration? Check out the best books to inspire weight loss first.

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