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Does the idea of painting your little kiddos nails make your stomach drop? Don’t feel bad. It should.

Our skin is a living breathing organ. What we put on it matters.

And kid skin? That much more sensitive and fragile.

Believe it or not, nail polish products are some of the most toxic beauty products there are. 

Nail polishes are regularly made with toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor, formaldehyde resin, ethyl tosylamide and xylene. 

Are those really that bad?

Yep, pretty much.

Nail polishes with these types of ingredients can interfere with reproductive hormones (think infertility), cause liver and kidney damage, lead to eye and throat irritation, and cause dizziness or migraines.

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Want that on your precious little kiddos hands? Potentially in their mouth? 


The great news is, there are tons of amazing companies out there pioneering better products for us, and our kids. That’s right, say hello to kid safe nail polish.

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These amazing kid safe nail polish brands are making totally safe, and totally fun polish. Plus, they’re easy to get.

You can find all of these awesome kid safe nail polish brands right on Amazon!

6 Kid Safe Nail Polish Brands Your Kiddo Needs

1.  Piggy Paint

piggy paint kid safe nail polish

Piggy Paint is a kid-friendly non toxic nail polish brand founded by a mom of two girls. 

She created the brand when she was worried about putting chemicals on her own children.

She couldn’t find any safe polishes without crazy chemical smells that left her with a headache. And her kids loved painting their nails.

So what’s a woman to do? Create her own business of course.

Piggy Paint is a safer alternative for children who love a little glam. The Piggy Paint kid safe nail polish brand is non-toxic, water-based, free of all harsh chemicals, odorless, and made in the USA too.

Just because it’s safe doesn’t mean it’s not fun! Piggy Paint comes in dozens of fun colors you kids will love.

Piggy Paint kid safe nail polishes won’t break the bank either. You can grab individual polishes, or themed sets, all at affordable pricing. 

You can find these kid safe nail polishes on Amazon, and in many stores. Pick up some of their safe nail polish removers, fun sticker add ons, and other nail accessories while you’re at it.

2.  Honeybee Gardens

honeybee gardens kid safe nail polish

Honeybee Gardens is a great water-based kid safe nail polish brand that all started with a need. When the founder realized her husband struggled shaving due to skin reactions, she started experimenting with products.

As an herbalist she used her skills to build an offering of products now found in health food stores, pharmacies, and online.

Honeybee Gardens polishes are created entirely of natural ingredients, and they never test anything on animals. In fact, all of their products are PETA certified.

Even better, the kid safe nail polishes come in tons of great colors that both you and you kids will love.

3.  Keeki

keeki kid safe nail polish

Keeki kid safe nail polish is the real deal.

You guessed it, this brand was also created by an awesome mom. 

Living on an organic farm with her two daughters, she was unimpressed with the safe and wholesome options on the market for her kids. She started experimenting with new products in her kitchen with ingredients right from the family farm.

Fast forward to now and you can find Keeki kid safe nail polish right on Amazon.

Their polishes are made with the safest, natural ingredients. All products are also cruelty-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and acetone-free.

Keeki nail polishes come in a bunch of fun, vibrant, kid-friendly colors. You can also find safe, natural nail accessories like base and top coats, cuticle rejuvenator, and nail polish remover.

4.  Ella + Mila

Ella plus mila kid safe nail polish

Ella + Mila is a kid safe nail polish brand that’s so much more than just polish. 

The line was inspired by twin daughters (you can take a guess at their names!) of one of the founders. 

This luxury brand offers trendy, high-fashion brands that are still eco-friendly, and safe for you kiddos. Plus, they make amazing adult polishes, and offer super cute Mommy&Me sets too.

All of the products are seven-free formulas, and are vegan and cruelty free.

They’ve also got nail care accessory products as well as a full line of non toxic makeup too.

5.  Suncoat girl

suncoat kid safe nail polish

The SuncoatGirl kid safe nail polish line is part of the Suncoat brand, and was created by a mom looking for polishes safe enough for her daughter.

SuncoatGirl polishes are made without any chemicals, manufactured in Canada, and even tested by board-certified toxicologists for an extra safety precaution. Their formulas are water-based but give the same quality and finish as traditional polishes. 

They’re also a 2011 Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards Winner.

Just like other brands, they offer a bunch of fun colors. Love the polishes? You can try their hair and makeup products too.

6.  Karma Kids

karma kids organic kid safe nail polish

Karma Kids kid safe nail polish is a kid friendly off shoot of the parent brand company Karma Organic Nail, which also offers super safe polishes for adults.

Karma Kids polishes are designed to be safe and gentle on your nails. They are free of disgusting toxins, come in more than 100 fun colors, and they are organically made right here in the USA.

These particular polishes are great for anyone who is sensitive to scents, because they are odorless. All Karma products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

If you love their polishes, check out other accessories like their nail polish remover, mani/pedi scrubs and lotions.

Nail polish is a fun way for your kids to practice self expression and show off their personality. But they should be doing it in a safe way.

Ditch all the crazy dangerous chemicals and pick up a few of these amazing kid safe nail polishes for your kids.

With such affordable prices, why WOULDN’T you buy the safe stuff?

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