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Everyone loves the idea of trying new products and getting a new surprise in the mail each month. But, most subscription boxes out there aren’t putting quality first.

They’re working with whatever brands will give them the best deals and put the most product in a monthly box that will temporarily delight their customers.

We hate to say it, but most subscription boxes are delivering a bunch of wasteful or toxic products that person doesn’t really even need or want. 

So what if we could take subscription boxes to the next level?

Good news! A bunch of companies already have.

We’ve rounded up the coolest ethical subscription gift ideas (and beyond) that are sure to surprise and delight anyone on your list. Plus, they’re healthy and good for the world.

This year, give the give of a subscription box that keeps on giving, but make it one you can feel good about.

Responsible Subscription Gift Ideas Anyone Will Love

CAUSEBOX Ethical Subscription Box

ethical subscription gift ideas cause box

CAUSEBOX is an amazing ethical subscription gift idea that focuses on exclusive, ethically made products. They partner will companies that empower women, and create jobs. That’s right, you can give a gift that will delight your family member or friend, and help the world at the same time!

Each CAUSEBOX is filled with a curated offering of limited edition products from socially conscious brands. The products range from all sorts of categories (think home, beauty, accessories) and equal at least a $200 value.

The CAUSEBOX ethical subscription gift idea is delivered quarterly. 

One of our favorite things about CAUSEBOX? They’re a certified B Corporation, which of course, makes our heart swoon.


Kencko Organic Smoothie Subscription

ethical subscription box gift ideas kencko smoothies

Yum! Kencko organic smoothies make for the perfect ethical (and healthy!) subscription gift idea. With founders who want people to live longer healthier lives, you know you’re getting all the healthy goods. 

Kencko organic smoothies help boost your own nutrition plan while encouraging less fruit and veggie waste across the planet. These smoothies turn fresh produce into a shelf-stable product meaning you get maximum health benefits without the waste.

Another cool feature? No extra work or dishes! Literally, you just shake up the smoothie and go. No freezing or blending required.

The Kencko organic smoothies make the perfect ethical subscription gift idea for someone who is starting a healthy kick at the beginning of the year!


Earth Love Eco Conscious Subscription Box

ethical subscription gift ideas earth love

The Earth Love subscription box is the perfect ethical subscription gift idea for someone who has a major crush on the earth. Which ummm, should be all of us?

Each Earth Love box is filled with 6-8 full sized eco friendly items. The products include books, decor, snacks, accessories, zero waste swaps, gardening, tea, and a mini magazine that helps you live a more conscious life.

Their partners focus on products that are ethically and environmentally responsibly made. You may find zero waste packaging, natural ingredients, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, beegan/vegan and fair trade products in your gift. Earth Love also focuses on working with artisans, makers and small businesses.

You can gift a seasonal subscription or individually themed boxes.


GlobeIn Artisan Subscription Box

ethical subscription gift ideas globein

The GlobeIn subscription gift box is the gift that empowers artisans and communities around the world.

Each GlobeIn Artisan Box is filled with 4-5 handmade items from artists around the world. The forward thinking company has provided 1 million hours of fair trade work around the world in just one year, and has partnered with 10,000+ artisans in 50+ countries.

You can purchase a single gift box or a monthly subscription. You can also shop their online artisan market for specific gifts too.


Love Goodly Ethical Beauty Subscription Box

ethical subscription gift ideas love goodly

The founders of Love Goodly started their company so women could access healthier products in an approachable and easy way. They found that the average woman uses 168 chemicals in her personal care routine every day and 70% of what we use gets absorbed into our body. 

To help women access better products, they started the Love Goodly subscription box. The ethical subscription gift idea features 4-5 mostly full size products that are always cruelty-free- non toxic and vegan. They also focus on organic, non-gmo and eco-friendly causes too. The items in this ethical subscription gift idea fall in beauty, skincare, style, accessories, snacks and wellness categories.

You can gift a single box, or a monthly subscription.


GreenUP Eco Friendly Subscription Box

ethical subscription gift ideas greenup

The GreenUp eco friendly subscription box is on a mission to empower consumers to ditch plastic. Each box contains 4-6 sustainable, eco friendly items valued at $70+.

This ethical subscription gift idea will help your family and friends like a more conscious life with fun products they may have never tried otherwise. When you give this gift, you can rest assured you’re making an impact on the planet too.

This year, give a gift that keeps on giving with a subscription.

Ethical subscription gift ideas will delight your family and friends for months to come, literally. Plus, you can feel good knowing your choose a gift that is helping the planet!

Introduce your circle to better brands and better products. Maybe even introduce them to a small artisan from somewhere across the world.

What could be cooler?

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