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It’s super easy to get overwhelmed when you’re thinking about switching to all natural cleaning products.

Once you dig a little deeper into one product and find out how toxic it is, you’re probably going to spiral. You’ll move on to another product, and another, and another. Unfortunately, if they’re regular big brand name products, you’re probably going to be pretty uncomfortable with what you find.

How can you keep cleaning the kitchen counter your toddler eats their snack from with toxic chemicals? The kitchen counter your kids have probably licked at some point.

How can you clean the floors your infant is cleaning to crawl on with nasty ingredients that could seep into their skin? Does your infant ever get so tired they lay down right on the hardwood floor? Mine does. And I feel OK about it, because I know her face isn’t coming into contact with toxins that should be far far away from little babies.

The more you dig into your products that quicker you will realize you need to make some changes.

Change is great, but change can be hard.

It may be tempting to immediately throw out every gross product in your home, but let’s slow it down to start.

The key to making changes that last is to do them slowly. You want to build new habits, and find new natural cleaning products that you’ll be excited about.

Just like regular cleaning products, not all natural cleaning products are created equal.

Not to mention, we all have individual preferences. We like to clean things a certain way, we like certain smells.

Instead of dumping everything, give yourself some time to find the new replacement products that will become new staples at your house.

We’ve broken down the best steps for making the switch to natural cleaning products WITHOUT getting overwhelmed.

6 Steps for Switching to Natural Cleaning Products Without the Stress

1.  Start With One Product.

Like we touched on before, DO NOT throw everything out at once.

What will happen is you’ll be left with nothing to clean when the puppy has an accident, or you kids get sick and throw up. Don’t do that to yourself. 

Instead, start with one product.

How do you pick?

Which cleaning product do you use most often? Is there an all purpose cleaning spray you use every day? Laundry detergent for the never ending clothes pile? Maybe dish soap that never leaves the side of your kitchen sink?

By switching the product you use most often to a natural cleaning product, you’ll make the biggest impact.

Once you find that natural cleaning product that you love, you can move on down the line.

If you’re super nerdy like us, you can even create a quick spreadsheet that lays out all your home products and check them off as you go!

2.  Pick a Strategy. 

There are two major paths you can take with natural cleaning products.

You can buy amazing natural cleaning products, or you can make your own. 

Again, if the idea of switching to natural cleaning products already sounds overwhelming, let’s not push it by also deciding to make a ton of new DIY products.

In fact, unless you’re a pro DIY person, we would suggest easing into the world of natural cleaning products by buying them first.

Once you’re super comfy in the arena and find your favorite products and brands, you may decide to explore making your own products too.

But first, let’s get the toxic chemicals out of your home the quickest way we can.

3.  Check Out the Top Natural Cleaning Products Brands.

Finding your favorite natural cleaning products brands is kind of like speed dating.

Each company was started with a different mission, and they can prioritize totally different things.

You may focus on brands that are all about the ingredients, or you may take it a step further and pick natural cleaning products brands that avoid testing on animals or use totally recyclable packing too. 

The great news is, as more and more consumers become aware of the scary chemicals hiding in their products, more brands are appearing on the market.

Do a little searching and pick the brands that resonate with you.

It will be easier to make the switch when you’re supporting a company you believe in.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite natural cleaning products brands in our complete beginner’s guide to natural cleaning products.

4.  Use Natural Cleaning Products Apps for Help.

Let’s be honest, MOST of us are not chemists. Most of us don’t even understand most of the ingredients listed on product labels.

That’s where technology comes into play.

Natural cleaning product apps can make the process of researching and shopping for natural cleaning products beyond easy.

You can search or scan any product to get a simple rating from 1-10 on how toxic the product is. Some apps break the rating down by ingredient so you can see exactly what you’re working with.

We’ve put together a quick guide for our favorite natural cleaning product apps so you can get to downloading and scanning asap!

5.  Do Some Retail Therapy. 

Yep, it’s time to shop!

Depending on the natural cleaning products brands you pick, you can shop in store or online. You can even bundle your favorite products into a recurring order so you never run out.

We’ve put together the best places to buy natural cleaning products online, because shopping from your couch is a dream.

Even though it’s tempting to grab the bigger sizes for cost savings right off the bat, we recommend starting with the smallest sizes to make sure you love the products first.

You can even reach out to natural cleaning product brands to see if they have free samples, or small size samples that you can try at an even lower cost.

5.  Be Patient. 

Buying a complete new set of natural cleaning products for your home may take a while.

Remember, start with just one product and work you way down the list from there.

Stay positive and remember why you’re doing this in the first place.

You want a healthier safer environment to live in. A healthier home for your kids. A healthier home for your pets. A healthier home for you.

There is SO much scary stuff going on in the world that the last thing we need to do is endanger ourselves in our own homes. Especially when we can easily make better choices by putting in a tiny bit of effort.

So be patient with the process. You may not hit it out of the park on the first try. If you don’t love the first natural cleaning product option you chose, head back to the drawing board and try another one!

Switching to all natural cleaning products doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you follow our steps above. 

Start small with one product, and work your way down the list.

Before you know it, you’ll have a home full of safe products you can use without having to think twice about what you’re touching.

Let us know what your favorite natural cleaning products replacements are, and if you have any other tips on how to make the switch!