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It seems like anything marketed to kids should be safe, but unfortunately it’s not. Tons of kids specific brand and toys are full of toxic materials and dyes.

The last thing we want to do is expose our kids to more gross stuff in the world. So we’ve got to be better shoppers.

That means researching the best brands, and the best materials.

OR that means letting us do the work for you.

We’ve compiled our favorite non toxic kids gift ideas in one simple list. You can get your holiday shopping done and have ease of mind that your kiddos will be safe playing with their new toys.

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Best Non Toxic Kids Gift Ideas

1.  Recycled Green Toys

non toxic kids gift ideas green toys tea set

Green Toys is an amazing non toxic kids gift idea for a variety of ages on your list. The coolest part? All of their products are made 100% from post-consumer recycled materials. They are literally keeping materials from heading to landfills!

They have a great selection of different toys all made safely in the USA. They have vehicles, bath and water toys, baby and toddler toys, outdoor toys, role play toys, arts and crafts, and an exclusive sesame street line too.

non toxic kids gift ideas green toys truck set

Their non toxic tea set and trucks are big hits at our house.

2.  Kid Licks Edible Nail Polish

non toxic kids gift ideas kid licks nail polish

Kid Licks edible nail polishes are a totally fun and toxin free kids gift idea that will please anyone on your list.

Polishes are made of 100% edible ingredients so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting into the bottles, or even an avid thumb sucker. They are durable enough to last several days on your kiddos hands or feet, but they can be removed with simple alcohol and soap and water.

All polishes are non-GMO and cruelty free. Plus, they just released a bunch of fun new colors!

3.  Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem

non toxic kids gift ideas water garden

Call me crazy, but this is a great non toxic kids gift idea that the whole family will love. Have a kid who is always asking for a pet? Or one that loves to get outside and play in the garden?

This Back to the Roots Water Garden is a self-cleaning mini aquaponic ecosystem that grows greens you can actually eat too! You kids will have so much fun learning about eco systems, working on their green thumb, and harvesting and eating the organic microgreens you’ll grow!

4.  Reusable Water Bottle

non toxic kids gift ideas hydro flask kids water bottle

What kid isn’t always asking for something to drink or snack? This non toxic kids gift idea is totally practical too. Get them a lifetime warranty water bottle that won’t leech plastic into their drinks every day.

We love the Kids Hydro Flask Water Bottle because of the safe materials, straw top closure, fun colors, and lifetime warranty! (Because kids are constantly breaking stuff, are we right?).

If your kids are still in the sippy cup phase of life, you can also check out this Klean Kanteen Kids Classic Sippy Water Bottle. Similar quality and lifetime warranty, but a different top.

non toxic kids gift ideas Klean Kanteen kids water bottle

Both options come in tons of fun colors!

5.  Safe Art Supplies

non toxic kids gift ideas eco kids dough

Kids love to craft, but as parents knowing the toxicity of the materials they are playing with can be tough. Especially when stuff like paint and play-doh can end up in their mouths no matter how hard we try to stop it.

Shop eco-kids art supplies for the perfect non toxic kids gift idea this year. They have natural and safe paint, eco-dough, crayons, and sidewalk chalk.

This is the perfect options for young kiddos who are experimenting with their artsy skills, or toddlers who love to “make.”

6.  Tegu Magnetic Blocks

non toxic kids gift ideas tegu magnetic blocks

No matter what year we live in or what generation of kids we are talking about, one thing is clear. Kids love to build. They will build with anything!

While legos can be a super obvious plastic (that will one day end up in a landfill) choice, there are better options out there. 

Tegu magnetic wooden blocks are an amazing learning non toxic kids gift idea for your kiddos.

They are made of wood and naturally safe (no lead or plastic, and they use a non toxic water-based lacquer finish). They come in TONS of different colors and sized sets. This is a gift that you can keep adding on to holiday after holiday. 

The more Tegu blocks they have, the more they can build! Check out the full Tegu product line for more kits and add ons.

7.  Interactive Toys

non toxic kids gift ideas plantoys croquet set

Kids love to play! There are so many great non toxic kids gift ideas out there that are full of interactivity and fun.

We love this PlanToys Croquet set made from sustainable rubber wood and coated with non toxic finish and vegetable dye colors.

This could be a great outdoor toy, but we plan to use it indoors to help us get through the winter!

8.  Organic Stuffed Animals

non toxic kids gift ideas organimals stuffed animals

When they’re babies they love to cuddle them, and when they’re toddlers they obsessibly collect them. Unfortunately, as parents, it seems we will never escape stuffed animals.

But if you’re going to gift them, make sure they are non toxic, and organic!

Organimals are adorable organic stuffed animals that make for the perfect non toxic kids gift ideas. They come in tons of great animals and colors so you’re sure to find something your kiddo will be excited about.

9.  Wooden Musical Toys

non toxic kids gift ideas mini guitar

Another thing kids love doing? Making noise. All the noise.

A fun non toxic kids gift idea is a great wooden musical instrument. There are a lot of great toy companies that make safe instruments. We love this beginner Hape Kids Ukulele.

It’s made from real wood meaning you won’t be dumping any plastic into a landfill when you’re done with it. Plus, it’s made from kid-safe non toxic materials and really bright and fun.

10.  Learning Toys

non toxic kids gift ideas plantoys alphabet game

There is so much room for learning within play. Adding a non toxic kids gift idea that will teach your kiddo something is always a great idea.

There are lots of fun options out there but we’re adding this PlanToys Alphabet Matching A-Z Game to our list this year. It will be perfect for our three year old who is starting to learn about different letters.

Just like other PlanToys, this set is made from totally safe materials.

11.  Climbing Toys

non toxic kids gift ideas cassaro climber toy

When your little ones are just starting to move, having a climbing toy can really encourage their development. What’s better than a non toxic kids gift idea that helps them learn to use their body?

We’ve added this CASSARO Waldorf Wooden Rocking Play climber to our list this year. It’s a multi-use piece that can be used as a slide, boat, resting place, doll bed, stage, tunnel, and even more endless possibilities. 

The rocker encourages imaginative play and movement. It’s finished with water-based paint and lacquer that meets both US and EU safety standards.

12.  Wooden Balance Boards

non toxic kids gift ideas kginderfeets wooden balance board

For another fun movement non toxic kids gift idea, check out the Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Board. We’ve all seen the plastic balance boards that will one day fill up our already overflowing landfills, but why not shop a safer more sustainable option instead?

The Kinderfeets balance board uses non toxic paint, water-based dyes and lacquers, is made from sustainable wood that comes from renewable forests.

Plus they have a bunch of other movement play toys too.

This holiday season, give your kids a gift that they will love, and the environment will too. There are amazing toy brands out there making strides to build safer products for our kiddos, and makes less of a negative impact on the world too.

Let’s give them our business this holiday season instead!

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