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Free weight loss apps are your ticket to finally shedding the pounds you’ve always wanted, without draining your budget.

Losing weight is tough. But technology can make it easier.

There are literally a TON of apps that can help you lose weight. The even more unbelievable part is that lots of them are free.

You can get anything from fitness trackers, calorie counters, diet and recipe information, and specific workout routines without spending a dime. The only thing better than finally hitting your weight loss goals, is doing it for free.

In this guide we’re doing all the hard research for you. We’ve broken down the top fitness, diet, and health apps that can help you lose weight that are free, or have a free option.

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Keep reading to find the perfect free weight loss apps for you.

Free Weight Loss Apps You’ll Love

Free weight loss apps are the best of both worlds. You can get all the diet and exercise information and tools you need, and keep your savings.

Losing weight is hard enough, it shouldn’t have to be expensive too.

Here is our roundup of the most amazing free weight loss apps there are. Find a few you love, and then hit the weight loss goals of your dreams!

Lose It!

Lose it! weight loss app screenshots

The Lose It! free weight loss app builds a custom nutrition plan for your weight loss goals. It uses your information to create a daily calorie guide and has a food tracking log so you can keep track of your progress.

The Lose It! Food log has over 7 million foods making adding your food choices pretty easy. They have all regular food items pre-loaded and ready for you, plus tons of specific brands and even restaurants too.

They also have some cool extra technology features so make your experience that much easier. If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can also use their barcode scanner feature. And you can actually snap a photo of what you’re eating to log food intake and portion sizes too.

Manual food logging can be a real pain in the butt. The Lose it! Free weight loss app aims to make it as easy and effective as possible. We think they do a pretty good job.

Most of the Lose it! Weight loss app basic features are free, but you can also pay about $3.33 a month for some extras.

Lose It! App Cost

Basic: FREE

Premium: $3.33/month


spark people calorie tracker app screenshots

The SparkPeople free weight loss app tracks food intake, weight and exercise. They have a large database of existing food items to make logging quick and easy.

They also have an exercise database feature. You can browse common exercises to find new inspiration for your weight loss and exercise goals. Each exercise has photos and guidelines to help ensure you’re working out safely and effectively.

The SparkPeople free weight loss app also gives you extra motivation with a reward system. They award you points for healthy habits which gives you the encouragement you need to keep working towards your goals.

SparkPeople App Cost



myfitnesspal weight loss app screenshots

The MyFitnessPal free weight loss app is one of the most well known there is. The app has been around for about forever, and is a super popular way to track calories and food intake.

Their food tracking database boatss over 5 million existing food options to choose from, and they integrate restaurants too. Going out to eat can make food logging incredibly difficult, and MyFitnessPal helps make that process a little bit easier.

This free weight loss app also has some cool reporting features. With a few clicks you can get breakdowns of exactly what you’re eating. See the breakdown of your fat, carb, and protein intake right from you app. We think this feature sounds pretty cool if you’re just getting started with the highly effective Macro Diet.

They’ve also got the barcode scanner feature you can find on some other free weight loss apps as well.

If you need some inspiration you can check out their huge database of healthy recipes, and if you’re using other fitness apps, you can probably sync MyFitnessPal with those too. Pretty convenient!

MyFitnessPal App Cost



stepbet weight loss app screenshots

StepBet is another free weight loss app, but this one has a twist.

Instead of simply logging your own activity, in StepBet, you join fitness challenges and bet. That’s right, you gamble on your own weight loss success rate. For those of us who need some extra motivation and accountability, this is a pretty cool concept.

You bet on how likely you are to hit the fitness challenge goals, and then you track progress with whatever fitness device you’re using. Common examples are Fitbit, Garmin, and the Apple Watch.

You’re automatically connected with other users who have joined the same fitness challenge and then your bets are pooled. The coolest part about this app? Whoever completes the challenge gets paid out a portion of the total bet.

StepBet App Cost



Fitbit weight loss app screenshots

If you know anything about fitness trackers, you probably know about Fitbit.

The Fitbit is a portable wearable fitness tracker that automatically keeps a long of your movement and exercise throughout the day. You can wear it several ways, but most people keep it around their wrist. Many brands have even come out with designer brands and wearable jewelry options to house your little Fitbit tracker.

The Fitbit free weight loss app connects with your Fitbit tracker so you can easily see your progress, and connect with other users. There is nothing like a little competition between family and friends to get those daily step counts up.

This free weight loss app tracks your steps, stairs climbed, heart rate, and also gives you the option to track food and water consumption. The Fitbit will even track your sleep habits.

Fitbit is all about physical activity. The popular wearable technology helps you track your movement and exercise throughout the day.

Fitbit charge 3 fitness tracker on Amazon

While the app is free, you will need to get a Fitbit device to use it. Luckily, they are so popular you can buy them almost anywhere and get started hitting those weight loss goals right away.

Fitbit App Cost



nudge weight loss app screen shots

If you’re into community, the Nudge free weight loss app is probably right up your alley.

This unique weight loss app encourages you to join supportive groups of people working towards similar goals called clubs. Clubs provide Nudge app users with support, inspiration, and advice to help them along their weight loss journey.

The Nudge free weight loss app also has additional features, like the option to use a personal coaching tool for one-on-one guidance and motivation. In a world of technology, this app is all about connecting to other real people.

Nudge App Cost



fat secret weight loss calorie counter app screenshots

The FatSecret free weight loss app is a traditional food tracker that goes the extra mile to provide emotional support.

This weight loss app lets you connect and talk with other users who are working towards similar weight loss goals. A little extra support and personal connection can go a long way when you’re struggling to shed those extra pounds.

In addition, they also have a database of healthy recipes you can work from, and even let you share tracked health information with your healthcare providers. This is one of the few free weight loss apps we’ve seen that integrates with your healthcare professionals.

FatSecret App Cost



pact weight loss app screenshots

The Pact free weight loss app is another concept that asks you to bet on yourself. This app will always be free, unless you can’t cut it.

When you sign up you agree to a pact and then bet an amount of money you will owe if you miss your goals. The pacts can be anything from gym pacts, veggie pacts, or food logging pacts. If you do meet your goals you receive cash rewards, woo hoo!

The cash rewards are paid out by the other users who didn’t meet their pact goals and unfortunately owed money.

Keep in mind, if you don’t meet your goals, you will be the one owing money, and this weight loss app will no longer be free.

For some people having a financial stake in the game is exactly the motivation they need to hit their goals, for other people, it’s not worth the risk.

Pact is free to use, and can be a great source of inspiration to hit your weight loss goals, but keep in mind it could get expensive if you’re betting high and always missing your targets.

Pact App Cost

FREE (unless you lose)


fooducate weight loss app screenshots

Fooducate is a free weight loss app that heads to the root of weight gain, the grocery store.

While a lot of other apps focus on exercise and food tracking, Fooducate is one of the few trying to help you make better food choices from the beginning. You can scan items while you’re at the store to check out information on nutrition and warnings, like gross ingredients that are hidden under other names.

Fooducate even goes as far as suggestion healthier options for an item you picked up that has a low rating. Could healthy grocery shopping get any easier?

Even cooler, Fooducate is a great resource for individuals facing dietary restrictions or allergies. Those users can input specific information into the app for a more personalized experience. Unfortunately that extra option is not included in the free version of the app.

Fooducate App Cost

Basic: FREE

Allergy Talk by Fooducate: $4.99 (for sneaky allergen info)


healthyout weight loss app screenshots

If eating out is the one thing standing in between you and your weight loss goals, you probably need the HealthyOut, one of the only free weight loss apps focused on dining out.

When you eat at a restaurant it can be hard to tell the quality and ingredients that are in each dish, not to mention portion sizes are usually huge. What exactly are you eating, and how much are you eating? Your food log just got a little crazy.

HealthyOut helps make the whole dining out process easier when you’re trying to lose weight, or just be healthier in general. This free weight loss app narrows down restaurants in your area based on the healthiest choices, and also takes into account certain diet choices or restrictions like if you’re looking for paleo or vegetarian options.

This free weight loss app is a great option if you want to get healthy but you just cant give up eating out. Check the service areas before you get too invested, because they aren’t quite everywhere yet.

HealthyOut App Cost



nike run club app screenshots

The Nike Training Club is a free weight loss app that focuses on exercise.

Users can choose individual workouts or four-week programs to get motivated and fit. They have various levels, so whether you’re at a beginner or advance level, there should be something perfect for you.

This free weight loss app has over 100 workout program options, and is clearly a workout brand you can trust. If you’re looking to avoid paying for a gym membership, this app is a great way for you to workout at home in front of your TV or tablet.

Nike+ App Cost


7-Minute Workout App

7 minute workout app screenshots

It doesn’t get much simpler than this free weight loss app. The 7-Minute Workout app delivers exactly it’s namesake: seven minute workouts.

This free weight loss app will give you that kick in the butt to get motivated about exercise and weight loss, because who can’t carve seven minutes out of their day? If you can’t find seven minutes, you’ve got serious problems.

The 7-Minute Workout app has a whole library of workouts all delivered in seven minute increments. The workouts have easy-to-follow instructions and keep you motivated with alerts like your halfway point. The best part? You should be able to do these workouts right in the comfort of your own home.

7-Minute Workout App Cost



sweat coin weight loss app screenshot

Looking for an awesome free weight loss app? How about one that pays you.

Sweatcoin is the weight loss app that pays you to lose weight. Not what we expected, but hey we’re not complaining.

Sweatcoin tracks all of your outdoor steps (that’s right, for some reason indoor steps don’t count) toward rewards. They have their own points currency, Sweatcoins (Schrute Bucks from The Office anyone?). Every 1,000 steps equals about 1 Sweatcoin.

So what do Sweatcoins get you? You can earn things like subscriptions to health related apps, like Calm, or even help from a virtual personal trainer. Sometimes you can earn gift cards, but you’ll never get actual cash.

If point systems get you motivated, Sweatcoin may be the perfect free weight loss app for you.

Sweatcoin App Cost



geniofit weight loss app screenshot

The GenioFit free weight loss app has it all. This app has information on nutrition, mental health, and overall wellness that’s all tailored to your personal goals.

GenioFit bases their information on the PRISE protocol which integrates protein pacing, resistance functional training, interval high intensity training, stretching, and endurance training into your life.

They believe this combination of activities will keep you at your healthiest, and the app is dedicated towards helping you get there.

GenioFit App Cost



run keeper weight loss app screenshots

Runkeeper is the free weight loss app perfectly designed for runners. If you seriously love running, we may never see eye to eye, but hey you deserve a great app too.

This free weight loss app logs everywhere you run with automatic GPS and elevation tracking. It even has audio workout feedback. Like many other weight loss apps you can set goals, follow plans, and track your progress.

Runkeeper has two app versions. A lot of features are accessible through the free version, or you can upgrade for even more helpful options.

Runkeeper App Cost

FREE (basic)

$9.99 (Pro)

Losing weight doesn’t have to be expensive. These free weight loss apps can unlock all of your weight loss dreams, and there is something for everyone. Whether you’re into the nutrition side of things, or totally about exercise, one of these apps is bound to help you win at weight loss.

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15 free weight loss apps that work