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You probably know that there are tons of dangerous chemicals in the world, but do you know how to avoid them?

It can be intimidating to start researching and buying better products for you, your family, and your home. And tricky marketing makes it that much harder. Sometimes the products that look the healthiest and most non toxic are really the worst.

Even tried and true researchers can find themselves victim to opening up their beauty cabinet, scanning their favorite product with one of the apps below and getting that sinking feeling in their stomach. They thought they bought a natural, safe product, and it turns out they’ve been dousing their skin in chemicals for years.

If those people are still messing up, how are the rest of us supposed to make it?

Make your life easier and start checking your makeup products with non toxic makeup apps that do the heavy lifting for you.

There are apps that break down products, brands, and individual ingredients based on how toxic or safe they are. These apps literally do all the work for you.

Check out the best of the best non toxic makeup apps below and get started evaluating your favorite products. You may be surprised at what you find is sitting right in your bathroom cabinet.

The Best Non Toxic Makeup Apps

1.  EWG Healthy Living

EWG healthy living non toxic makeup app

The Environmental Working Group (ewg) EWG Healthy Living app gives users a quick database for toxicity information they can trust. The EWG works to empower people to live healthier lives in a better environment. They’re a totally independent non-profit, non-partisan organization. In a nutshell, they really care about the stuff you’re using.

You may have seen the EWG Skin Deep Database online, which is a database that categorizes over 70,000 products and 2,100 brands into a simple rating system of 1-10 based on their quality of their ingredients. Products with a rating 1 are considered to be super safe, and a 10, well that’s pretty bad.

With the EWG Healthy Living app you can get the same information and scores, right on your phone. This non toxic makeup app makes it easy to check out brands while you’re out shopping. You can even scan barcodes. They don’t have every single product, but the database is pretty comprehensive. If your product isn’t listed yet, you can check out individual ingredients too.

Use this handy app to check out your current favorite products, and when you’re buying new ones too. The app is totally free, so get to it!

2.  Think Dirty

think dirty non toxic makeup app

The Think Dirty non toxic makeup app is another search database you can use to evaluate beauty products. They use a similar scale to EWG, with the lower the number meaning the better the product.

Think Dirty also lets you either search for products by name, or scan a barcode. You can even submit products that aren’t listed to help grow the database.

This particular app flags certain ingredients if they’re particularly scary. For example, they may flag an ingredient as a carcinogen, or a hormone disruptor.

When you find out that one of your favorite products is not so great, the non toxic makeup app provides you with replacement ideas too. So look on the bright side, you get to try some new products.

This app is also free, meaning there is no excuse not to check your makeup before you use it!

3.  Detox Me

detox me non toxic make up

The Detox Me app was created by passionate scientists at Silent Spring Institute who want to help you make healthier choices. This non toxic makeup app has six different categories of products that benefit your entire life. You can explore Home, Food & Drink, Clothing, Personal Care, Cleaning and Children.

Like the other non toxic makeup apps, you can search for products, browse lists, or scan barcodes to check what your favorite products are hiding.

This app also provides you with cool DIY recipes you can use to replace commercial products that are loaded with toxins. Instead of finding a new non toxic brand to love, you may just starting making your own!

Another unique feature of this non toxic makeup app is that it gives you general shopping tips for better choices. If you select a category or item you’re looking for, you’ll get helpful tips to follow when it comes to ingredients. Not only can you check your favorite makeup brands for ingredients you need to ditch, you can also become a more educated consumer too.

4.  CosmEthics

CosmEthics non toxic makeup app

The CosmEthics non toxic makeup app is a product analyzer that gives you important information about potential hazards and allergens. This app tailors recommendations to your specific profile and lifestyle. For example, if you’re vegan, they’ll only show you vegan products.

Like other non toxic makeup apps, CosmEthics helps make the makeup product evaluation process easy. They use ingredient lists to highlight hazards and toxicity so you can make better, safer decisions.

CosmEthics will also give you safe alternatives when the product you love has toxicity levels you aren’t comfortable with.

The app is free to download but there is also an upgraded version that lets you fastrack product checks that aren’t currently in the database and get access to new industry research and alert-lists.

5.  Chemical Maze

chemical maze non toxic makeup app

The Chemical Maze non toxic makeup app gets scientific about ingredients. This app is a complete listing of food additives and cosmetic ingredients.

It breaks for each additive and ingredient by name and rating codes. The rating codes tell you things like the risk level and common side effects. You can even search by symptoms or ailments you have to see which types of additives and ingredients you should be avoid. Pretty cool!

While you can’t look up exact makeup products, you can get super detailed with ingredients. If feel confident your favorite makeup staple is safe, except for two ingredients you don’t recognize, just pull them up on Chemical Maze.

Have a product your skin reacts to? Check out the ingredients on Chemical Maze and then start the process of elimination to see who the culprit is. Once you’ve identified specific products that your body doesn’t like, you can avoid them in the future more easily.

You can also filter by certain dietary restrictions like celiac, lactose, vegan, or vegetarian.

Chemical Maze is the super detail oriented non toxic makeup app you need when you’re diving deep into bette products for your life.

The idea of figuring out which products are safe for you and your family is totally overwhelming. In fact, unless you are some kind of a scientist genius, you probably can’t do it alone anyway.

Let these non toxic makeup apps do the work for you. With a little help from technology, you can go a long way in creating a bigger, better life for yourself, your family, and your home.

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