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Did you know you’re the most important person you know?

If you don’t take care of you, you can’t take care of anyone else. Take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Indulge, let loose, and have a little fun too.

And don’t bother spending a ton of money. Self care doesn’t have to break the bank. Give yourself some love with these amazing self care ideas for under $20.

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Affordable Self Care Ideas You Need in Your Life

These self care ideas are fabulous, and affordable. Try any of these suggestions to show yourself a little extra love and care without draining your bank account.

1.  Gift Yourself a Jade Roller

jade roller self care idea

Jade rollers are the hottest new beauty trend, and they are the perfect self care idea to add a little relaxation into your life.

These face roller tools are made completely of jade, and are said to help increase circulation and decrease puffiness when rolled on your face. The best part, Amazon has a bunch of affordable jade rollers you can get delivered right to your door.

We love this jade roller, which is made 100% of natural jade, and has great reviews too! It stays in your self care budget ringing in at $14.47.

2.  Soak up a Face Mask

cocking organic chlorophyll face mask self care idea

Nothing says self care ideas like a fresh face mask to nourish and brighten your skin. Grab a new jar of the Cocokind Organic Chlorophyll Mask for just $15 on Amazon. Not only will this self care idea stay within your $20 budget, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

This amazing mask is made of 100% natural ingredients. It detoxes, improves complexion, reduces inflammation, and is completely customizable based on how heavy of a detox you need.

Get $5 OFF Your First Cocokind Purchase Now!

3.  Have a Glass of Wine

You probably already have a bottle of wine at home. If you don’t, you can certainly get a bottle for less than $20 that will do the trick.

You won’t want to make this self care idea too regular, but wine can be a really relaxing way to unwind. It can also pair nicely with a great dinner you’ve cooked for yourself or with your family.

Use a glass of wine to treat yourself. You can even pair it with another self care idea on the list for double the results. Wine and bubble bath? Wine and face mask? Wine and a good book? We think yes!

4.  Give Meditation a Try

The practice of meditation goes back centuries. Meditation is a great self care idea because it helps removes worries or anxieties, restlessness, and other distractions from your mind. It has a very calming and centering affect that many of us could benefit from.

This is self care idea you may even want to incorporate on a daily basis. Starting each day with a short meditation can help you get laser focused and mentally prepared to tackle what’s ahead.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out beginner’s guides online or one of the cool meditation apps you can get right on your phone.

5.  Take a Bubble Bath

colorful non toxic bath bombs self care idea

This self care idea under $20 requires cooperation from everyone else in your life. To truly get the decompressing benefits from your self care bath, you’ll need your family and/or partner to commit to leaving you alone.

Once you’re in solitude, set the tone with lighting, candles, may music or a book, and then use one of these amazing all natural bath bombs to nourish your skin. The total cost will put you slightly over your $20 budget, but the cost per bath is pretty darn cheap.

Once you’re in, let your muscles relax, and your mind wander.

A bubble bath is a great self care idea right before bed, because your body and mind will be in an extra calm state.

6.  Grab a Coffee with Friends

We often think of self care ideas as being things we do for or with just ourselves. But an important part of self care is interacting with others and getting the social connection we crave.

In a world that’s increasingly technology driven we need to interact with other actual humans. Coffee with one or a few friends is a great self care idea that will get you out of your normal routine. It will also give you a chance to connect on an emotional level with someone in person, and hopefully laugh a lot too.

Grabbing coffee with friends is a great self care idea to nourish your own soul while staying in touch with old friends.

7.  Read a Book

Everyone has different activities that truly make them happy. For us book nerds, that’s reading a book! Carve some time out of your day, week, or month, and start reading again. It’s easy to go years without picking up a book, but it’s just as easy to jump back in.

Pick a book you’re really excited about so this self care tip doesn’t get pushed aside. Page turners are also a great choice, because you literally won’t want to put them down.

Once you get back into reading and remember how great it feels, you’ll probably make this self care tip a regular in your home.

8.  Give Yourself A Manicure or Pedicure

Zoya non toxic nail polish

Ok, for most people going to the nail salon would feel a little more like self care, but you don’t have to spend a ton to pamper yourself. Give your hands and feet some love and home and chances are it will feel almost as good!

To get the best results, go through the whole process like they would at the salon. That means no cheating right to polish. Remove polish, clean up your nails, moisturize, and then paint. We suggest choosing a chemical free nail polish so you’re not covering yourself in dangerous ingredients.

Try one of these 12 non toxic nail polish brands you can get right on Amazon.

9.  Take a Nap

Remember when napping was a thing? You know back when you were around 2 years old?

Napping probably can’t be a regular part of routine, but every once in a while you should try and sneak one in. Maybe on a day you aren’t feeling well, or stayed out a little too late the night before. Or maybe on a day when it’s raining and your to do list doesn’t have anything on fire (because let’s be serious, it’s never going to be empty).

Make your bed, get a fuzzy blanket, put on some cozy clothes and just sleep. The world will be OK without you for an hour.

10.  Light a Candle

aromatherapy candles self care idea

Nothing like a yummy scented candle to bring on a new sense of calm in your surroundings. Lighting a candle is a great self care tip when you just need a moment to reset. Candles can make a room feel cozier and happier, and they usually smell pretty good too.

You can nab this three pack of natural candles made in the USA right on Amazon, or you can just buy one to keep it under $20. They’re eco-friendly, made with 100% soy base, and free or paraffin, petroleum and any animal products. Plus you’ll get three scents to try out.

11.  Marie Kondo Your Underwear Drawer

tidying up Marie kondo book

Marie Kondo is the declutter and organization queen sweeping the world with joy. She teaches you how to bring your home back to life by getting rid of the crap you don’t need, and storing things in a way that inspire happiness. You can read book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, or catch the cliffnotes version by watching her show Tidying Up on Netflix.

Tackling your whole house might be a bit overwhelming, but tackling just one personal space, like your underwear drawer, might be the exact self care idea you need. Imagine opening your underwear drawer to a color coded display that looks like a Victoria’s Secret display. Then, make it happen.

P.S. If you think you’ve outsmartest Marie Kondo because you don’t think she can fold a thong, you’re wrong. Check it out on this guide from goop if you don’t believe us.

12.  Unfollow Friends on Social Media

One self care idea with lasting impact is to weed out your social media accounts. Over time our social media accounts get swamped with people we barely know, or people that are a tad too negative or annoying.

Social media doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but you don’t want to waste your time watching people you don’t even know, or getting riled up about something you can’t change anyways.

Give yourself a little self care and audit your friends lists. Thanks to social media like Facebook, you can unfollow, or remove people from your feeds without even having them know. The perfect solution to a freer, more positive mind!

13.  See a Movie by Yourself

Ever want to relax in front of a movie without having to compromise on what you’re going to watch. Good news, you can! You just have to go by yourself.

Going to a movie by yourself is a self care idea that let’s control the entertainment reins. Pick what you want to see and when you want to see it. Indulge yourself in a pre-theater snack run so you can self care even more with some treats and still keep your budget under $20.

14.  Start a Gratitude Journal

daily gratitude journal self care idea

Hardly anything will make you feel more grateful for what you have and content with your life than starting a daily gratitude journal. When you physically write down what you are grateful for, the things you complain about seem to insignificant.

Appreciating your life and being happy with where you are is one of the best self care ideas there is. Grab a cute gratitude journal like this one for about $6 on Amazon and get started enjoying the life you have.

15.  Exfoliate with a Body Scrub

charcoal body scrub self care idea

Nothing says self care idea quite as nice as newly exfoliated, lustrous skin. Treat yourself to a new body scrub to get rid of the daily grind that’s holding your skin back.

We love this charcoal body scrub from Amazon that detoxifies and rejuvenates your skin with a formula combining activated charcoal and dead sea salts. Your skin is calling, and it wants this scrub!

16.  Say No

Take advantage of the ultimate self care idea and just say no. Sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is the power to control your own time. Stop feeling obligated to do things you know you won’t enjoy, and free yourself from the societal pressures we all fall victim to.

Start saying no more and experience the self care idea that’s actually totally free, and totally freeing. See ya later obnoxious things we hate doing!

17.  Oil Pull

organic cold pressed coconut oil for oil pulling

You know how great it feels after you brush your teeth? Get that feeling all the time with this self care idea. Oil pulling is like the ancient version of a dentist visit. The best part is, it’s super cheap!

You just need some high quality coconut oil and an open mind. The short version is you put about a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth first thing in the morning and swish it around for fifteen minutes. The oil pulls toxins and who knows what else out of your mouth and leaves you feeling fresh.

Don’t forget somewhere to spit the oil. You can’t wash that stuff down your pipes folks. A plastic baggie or directly in the trash is an easy solution.

18.  Exercise

Start taking care of your body with this self care idea. It’s simple, exercise! We don’t mean you have to join a crossfit cult or anything like that, but just find something you like doing that gets you moving. It could be walking, dancing, playing tennis, or going for a job.

If you need help getting some inspiration, start with an exercise app. Check out this ultimate guide to exercise and diet apps, or this post about totally free exercise and diet apps to get started.

19.  Adult Coloring

adult coloring book amazon self care idea

Adult coloring has gained major popularity as a self care idea because it helps us stressed out grown up relax. Instead of worrying about your to do list indulge in a little coloring session and get taken away into a land of color and soothing designs.

There are a ton of awesome adult coloring books to choose based on your favorite theme, but we love this one because it comes with a variety of subject options and it will only cost you a little over $6. While you’re at it, treat yourself to a nice sharpened set of colored pencils too.

parrot triangular colored pencils adult coloring

20.  Listen to a Podcast

Sometimes the best self care idea is the one that takes you away from the moment. Find some inner peace by escaping what’s currently happening in your world and get wrapped up in a podcast. The cool thing about this self care idea is that you can multitask.

Choose a popular podcast and indulge in some new learning, or just pure entertainment, while you’re driving, doing the dishes, or any other mundane task you might have blocked on your schedule.

If you’re a first timer, we recommend Serial, which now has three seasons and has been amazingly popular across the board. Otherwise, just search a topic you’re interested in and give one a try.

21.  Bake Something

You can find lots of tasty pre-mixed boxes treats at the store or choose something from scratch. Baking something gives you a sense of accomplishment, fills your home with yummy smells, and lets you indulge in a treat all at the same time.

Whether going making something on your own or buying a mix, you can definitely bake something delicious for under $20. Share the love, your family and friends will appreciate this self care idea too.

22.  Grab Breakfast with Friends

Treat yourself to a delicious breakfast out while catching up with friends at the same time. A little social interaction can go a long way when it comes to self care ideas.

The best part about breakfast is that you get to eat out without paying big prices. Breakfast is notoriously cheap, even with a mimosa or bloody mary tagged onto your bill. So catch up, enjoy yourself, and don’t worry about the cost.

23.  Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

body back metal massager

Love that feeling at the nail salon when your stylist is massaging your scalp? Don’t wait until the next time you’re getting a treatment to experience scalp bliss.

Grab a traditional metal scalp massager, or get one of the hottest new shampoo hair scalp massagers you can use in the shower. Spoiler alert, they are both way under $20!

shampoo brush hair scalp massager

24.  Get a New Water Bottle & Hydrate

mira insulated water bottle amazon

Hydrating is one of the most basic self care ideas there is. Water helps almost every single part of our health from skin to cardiovascular to muscles and joints. You name it, water probably helps.

Treat yourself to a fun new water bottle and start chugging. Chugging water that is. Try it ice cold, room temperature, hot with a little lemon, or however it suits you best. Keep it handy throughout the day or even track intake using an app.

We love these MIRA bottles because they are stainless steel and keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

Self care is an important part of keeping yourself healthy and happy. It’s way too easy to get wrapped up taking care of everyone else, but you can’t forget about YOU.

The great news is, a lot of the best self care ideas aren’t even expensive. That means you have no excuse! Check out some of the best self care ideas under $20 above to start appreciating the most important person you know.

24 self care ideas under $20