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Can you really lose weight drinking water? Could we really live in a world where your dream bod is just a glass of water away?

Well it’s not quite that simple, but the short answer is, YES!

It’s not as hard as you think to lose weight drinking water.

Not only will it help you shed pounds, it will help your overall wellness too. Think healthier eating, and even better workouts.

We’re breaking it all down for you below, or you can get started right now with our complete guide to losing weight by drinking water.

5 Reasons You Can Lose Weight Drinking Water

1.  Water is an Appetite Suppressant

One of the coolest ways you can lose weight drinking water is that is naturally helps you eat less.

We’re not saying stop eating, but how about saying goodbye to mindless binges and unpredictable cravings?

A lot of times when we feel the hunger pains, we’re actually just thirsty.

So instead of mistaking the need to snack your heart out with thirst, grab a glass of water first.

Drinking water makes the stomach feel full. When the stomach feels full, it sends signals to the brain to stop eating. Because you’ll feel less full and hungry, it will be easier to control your portions and make good choices.

We recommend starting off each meal with 1-2 glasses of water. Fill your belly up with all the H2O nutrients before you even start with the food. 

You should also make it a habit of drinking a few glasses right when you get up to charge up your body from overnight dehydration.

The best part about water is once you start drinking more, your body will crave more. So as long as you can get started with this healthy habit, it will be easy to keep up!

2.  Water is a Calorie Burner

Water will help you eat less, but it will also apparently burn calories.

That’s right, some studies have shown that simply drinking water helps your body increase the amount of calories it burns.

That’s right, even with no extra physical exercise, you could lose weight drinking water because you’re burning extra calories. Ahem, drink up!

Does it matter what kind of water?

Apparently it does.

Studies show that drinking colder water is your best bet. Your body needs to heat up the cold water to digest it, so it expends more energy, ie. burns more calories.

3.  Water is a Waste Remover

Ah, everyone’s favorite topic. Poop!

Water is a key component in your internal waste system. So as you can imagine, you can lose weight drinking water because it helps get rid of the extra crap (pun intended) in your body.

If this section is a little TMI for you, definitely skip ahead. For the rest of you, here we go!

When your body is dehydrated is really hard to get rid of urine or feces. Your kidneys need a lot of water to filter toxins and get rid of the nasty stuff. 

You can imagine what happens when those poor little kidneys are all dried up.

Dehydration can lead to bloating and swelling, which can add extra inches to your waistline.

Boost that water intake and lose weight drinking water by helping your body get rid of the junk it doesn’t need. Think of water as the Marie Kondo strategy for your body.

Do poop, pee and toxins bring your body joy? We think not. Time to get rid of them!

4.  Water Helps with Workouts

Working out help us stay healthy, feel stronger, and you guessed it, lose weight!

And surprise, surprise, water helps make your workouts better.

Water helps our muscles and joints work better. It can also help our lungs, heart, and other organs work more efficiently too.

It’s easy to lose weight drinking water when your workouts go from OK to amazing.

Drink water before, during, and after your workout to keep your body hydrates, prevent muscle cramps and fatigue.

These weight loss apps can also help you get your workout on.

If exercise is a big component in your overall weight loss plan, you’ll need a lot of water to help you meet your goals.

5.  Water is the Healthiest Liquid Option

We all have to drink SOMETHING.

If you’re not drinking water, you’re drinking something else.

So what else are you drinking? Soda, juices, overly sweetened coffee drinks, alcohol? These options are often filled with extra toxic ingredients, or at a minimum WAY too much sugar. Plus all the extra calories that come with sugar.

You can lose weight drinking water by simply replacing all these crappy sugary drink options with your healthier H2O choice.

You’ll drink less calories and consume less sugar. PS. Those two categories are very much linked to weight gain and other unhealthy side affects.

Cutting sugary drinks may not only help with physical health, you’ll probably see an improvement in your mental health as well.

Not to mention, the cost savings! When you lose weight drinking water you inadvertently saving a TON of money that usually went to sugary drink options. Starbucks anyone?

Healthy, budget friendly and cost savings? Count us in.

So what else could you possibly need to lose weight drinking water?

Probably nothing since you’ve most likely got access to water right in your home or at work, BUT wouldn’t it be even more fun with an amazing new water bottle?


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Water is an amazing easy and free weight loss tool. Who would have ever thought you could lose weight drinking water.

Now that you understand the benefits, use our tips to incorporate more H2O into your life and start shedding those pounds.

Need other weight loss inspiration? These weight loss books will help you push for major results, and these 10 amazing weight loss snacks on Amazon will help curb hunger in a healthy way!